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  1. This reappeared for me on database version 2012.09.26.13 Is it safe to just ignore these since they keep popping up?
  2. I updated last night, ran a full scan, and these were no longer detected. Thanks!
  3. These are back I'm on database version 2012.09.21.05 and they both appeared this AM.
  4. I also got an extension.mismatch for an hp printer file. I'm on a different computer, so I can't give a log or anything (sorry) But it was file hpzsetup.exe.txt 4 separate computers had the file, all computers were running Windows 7, 64-bit. I went to the HP website, and their suggestion is for the user to rename the file, dropping the .txt My suggestion to HP is to not add the .txt
  5. I've been using ABP for years. *LOVE IT* Will have to give WOT a try too. I only have about 15 sites I go to. Norton has their "safeweb" that is a lot like WOT, but I'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to have both, eh?
  6. Thanks all. I did add the noscript add-on to Firefox. Now it's a matter of approving sites as I get to them, and need the script for functionality. (like my bank!) Decided to keep the hitmanpro and not add spywareblaster, since I don't use IE. I only have Norton running in the background. I turned off the adaware live! and the tea timer on Spybot. I figured both of those could/do(?) cause problems with Norton already running.
  7. Maybe not the best place to put this, sorry about that. My family thinks I'm going overboard on the protection on my computer.. I'm currently using Norton Internet Security.... Along with that, I'm using MBAM, Spybot (tea timer off), Ad-Aware, and HitManPro. I use Firefox exclusively, but have locked down ActiveX in internet explorer. I also use AdBlockPlus while in Firefox. I'm been thinking about tossing HitManPro and adding Spywareblaster, but I'm not sure how effective it is for Firefox users, or if I even need it. The only other thing I've been thinking about is no script in Firefox, but
  8. zizzy: You updated malwarebytes and it's still showing up? I had this on Sunday, did what Bruce said, and it did disappear from my log. The key was never in my registry. But I have to admit, I'm still scared stiff to use the computer for anything at this point. Both my Norton, and Spybot came out clean, so I really shouldn't be worrying - I don't think. Also, can a backdoor run with just a registry key, or would it need an .exe file as well?
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