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  1. sorry, ignore/delete this post. it seems the DNS is wrong.
  2. My HD seemed a little active when I wasnt doing much on my PC. Checking process explorer I see something within the system process was the cause, and a little surprised to see a TCP connection from the system thread to the 'scorecardresearch' on ports 445 and 5357. Opening their website it seems their 'a leading global market research effort that studies and reports on Internet trends and behavior.'. So, are they secretly getting this information from inside peoples PCs?
  3. I like to say how impressed I am with your software. I had a number of processes running that I could see were viruses. Scans with a number of well known anti-virus software vendors just revealed nothing. Your software was the only one not to recognise one virus, but all the viruses I could see running. I run a number of websites and was wondered if you run any affiliate programme? as I would like to promote yourselves. - Seb
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