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  1. MB 3.0 will not update nor scan

    Try installing latest 3.0.5 version, might help
  2. Have you placed exclusions in your AV as mentioned by bdubrow here in the faq's https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/190494-malwarebytes-30-beta-other-faqs/
  3. This was an issue in the first beta and was fixed in the latest beta release, the only problem I have now is the sluggishness of opening and running some programs which I seemed to have solved by disabling the self protection module.
  4. Beta 2

    Installed the new beta 2 and all good so far on Win10 64, start up time is now reduced from 1 minute 30 to 13 seconds and scan time of 1 minute 51 for 359,315 objects A small issue was needing a second reboot for the exclusions/explorer list to open correctly, it showed an odd looking screen (out of profile) the first time which you cant choose any folders in but worked correctly after a second reboot. Only other thing I've noticed is scan schedules still don't use the systems time format, day/month/year for us in Australia Thanks for the new update
  5. social networks idea

    Sorry but I cant say I approve of any of these ideas you're flooding the forum with, most seem very childish and absolutely ghastly I think the Malwarebytes team have it well sorted
  6. After 90 seconds once the tray icon has started is when I get the popup for Real time protection being turned off, though the protection or part of is actually running. If I click the turn on real protection tab the popup will just disappear as the service is already running.
  7. Uploaded my log, the tray icon does eventually shows up on it's own after roughly 90 seconds, task manager shows the service is running after starting system but you cant open the GUI before 90 seconds are up and the tray icon has loaded. MBAMSERVICE.zip