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  1. Hello Malwarebytes, Please find attached log of Malwarebytes v1.46 with database version 5240 detecting multiple .wid files as Backdoor.Bot. A scan with Malarebytes v1.50 and database version 5241 did not flag the .wid files. Was there a false positive issue with database version 5240 detecting .wid files as Backdoor.Bot that has been resolved in newer database versions? Regards, steve_str mbam_log_2010_12_03__22_46_24__submitted_04Dec10.txt
  2. Hello Malwarebytes, Please find attached zip folder containing flagged file, c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx.pid Since initial post the following have been noted: 1.) The NetWorx.pid (Trojan.Goldun) detection occurs with NetWorx v5.1.5 installed (as initially reported) and NetWorx v5.1.4 installed. 2.) When copy NetWorx.pid from c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx.pid to same location as c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx - Copy.pid, malwarebytes flags c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx.pid but does not flag c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx - Copy.pi
  3. Hello Malwarebytes, Specs: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.50 Database version: 5242 Windows 6.1.7600 Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385 Settings: (BTW: the malwarebytes report should include relevant settings information.) Settings tab | Scanner Settings tab: Checkboxes: all six checked. Dropdowns: all three select "Show in results list and do not check for removal" Please find attached mbam.exe /developer log of possible false positive for file: c:\programdata\softperfect\NetWorx\NetWorx.pid (Trojan.Goldun) The detection is possible false positive because NetWorx.pid file size = 4 bytes (yes, fou
  4. Dear Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes v1.44 with database version 3896 was reporting backdoor.celofot and pointing to a non-existant registry key. It should go without saying that a "false positive," especially one pointing to a non-existant registry key, should have been caught during testing. That it wasn't is particularly dissappointing for it needs to be remembered that a detection, whether false or not, causes people to worry, to take their computers/networks offline, and to spend a lot more time on diagnostic work than a simple testing of the detection database against a pristine, or typical u
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