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  1. rescanned a few minutes ago and this appears to now be resolved. No longer flagged as malware.
  2. Woops, here's the attachment. rufus.zip
  3. The very popular/respected/trusted "rufus" app is coming up as "malware" this morning according to locally installed MalwareBytes scan. This, despite VirusTotal's fresh scan of it coming up clean. MD5 c1df434cf15aeb31783e1144b8a30059 SHA-1 1c385ec41d5f20ab411bd20e792ad8e7da7feaf9 SHA-256 c0ccf4f480545b50169cc1f5bf92b357ce588520cb8534128200ca48fc6ae588 Scan result from MalwareBytes. . . File: 1 Malware.AI.4211603495, C:\USERS\--redacted--\DOWNLOADS\RUFUS-3.14P.EXE, No Action By User, 1000000, 0, 1.0.40486, D797EB6AD89A7B01FB07F827, dds, 01247964, C1DF434CF15AEB317
  4. The Lord of the Rings Online, published by Standing Stone Games (formerly published by Turbine/WB), uses a file called lotrobrowserhelper.exe. Recently, Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm began detecting this file as malware. These were dismissed as false positives. This morning, Malwarebytes began detecting it as malware as well. As well as several other AV engines. Thirteen by last count on virustotal.com. I'm attaching the lotrobrowserhelper.exe file in a ZIP. As well as the log file from malwarebytes. lotrobrowserhelper.zip mblog.txt
  5. Hehe. . . nothing that should cause trouble. But you never know!
  6. Glad to find this thread! I was about to enter "panic mode" since I occasionally use the laptop showing this apparent false positive for some secure stuff at work. Same exact issue as described above. Use Firefox with noscript, MSSE as antivirus, and computer comes up otherwise completely clean. The only possible vector I would consider at all likely is that my wife sometimes uses this laptop. Here's something else odd. . . when I went to go find the registry entry it was describing (prior to having MBAM delete it), it wasn't even actually there (unless it's somehow hidden or transient).
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