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  1. Thanks Ron, but I tried that, and I am afraid that the one persistent issue is that the anti-exploit protection does not work. I have however suffered system damage from trying out the repair programs and therefore restored the system to a time prior to my installing version 3 of MWB and reinstalled all subsequent new programs and updates etc that I wanted to retain, and the system is working fine again. I'd be happy to help to investigate this by restoring my current system to a spare drive and then working on that, however, and glad to discover any remediable problem on my system that is i
  2. Thanks Ron. I am afraid that combofix seemed to hang, and I left it running for ages in case it needed time - about 5hours. So that failed. The VSS errors you identified are probably due to VeraCrypt - the VSS does not work on files in mounted bins, and VeraCrypt cannot fix it because Microsoft will not provide the information needed - something to do with the API.
  3. Herewith logs. I might mention that I had to enter safe mode to run FRST.exe without a hang. I notice that for some reason the fixlist.txt file has disappeared, which seems very odd. Does it get deleted by running FRST.exe? Fixlog.txt Addition.txt mb-cleanresult.txt mb-clean-results.txt
  4. Thanks for your amended instructions. I have followed them, but to no avail. Anti exploit protection appeared to start and then stopped, not to be restarted. The icon at first appeared in the system tray, but then disappeared, although mbamtray.exe appears in the windows taks manager. I note that I had to go into safe mode to run the cleanup tool without the system hanging, and that to install mbam without the system hanging I had to boot windows with all of the startups and non-windows services stopped by msconfig. Does this shed any light?
  5. Thanks. My understanding is: 1. run FRST.exe, informed by the new fixlist.txt file, with additions selected, using the Fix option and then reboot; 2. run the cleanup tool and reboot; 3. run FRST.exe, informed by the same fixlist.txt file, with additions selected, using the Fix option, and reboot; 4. send the logs from FRST.txt and additions.txt from 1, and the same logs from 3. Is that right?
  6. I am so sorry, but I am still not clear. I don't have a fix file. I think you mean me to run the FRST.exe file, which appears to be informed by a file named fixlist.txt. Do you mean that I should run the FRST.exe file, and if so, do you mean that when I do so I should run the Scan function, or that I should run the Fix function?
  7. Thanks for your reply. Is the fixlog.txt file produced by running the fix option in FRST.exe? And would you like me to create the file before or after running the clean up tool? Shall I run the clean up tool with mbam still running, or should I stop it somehow - I suppose by turning off self protection in safe mode - before doing so? If I do not reply at some time tomorrow, it is because I shall be travelling then.
  8. I have to add that while running FRST, Malwarebytes appeared to report the detection of some malware, for which it requested a reboot. I am afraid I did not record the name of the alleged malware. After rebooting, Malwarebytes no longer appears in the system tray, although mbam.exe and mbamservice.exe appear to be running in the windows task manager. Double clicking on mbamtray.exe in the program files folder does not produce an icon in the system tray, although after doing so it appears to be running in the windows task manager. I can terminate mbam.exe and restart it, but doing so does n
  9. Ron, Thank you for your post and for taking an interest in this problem. I attach the first additions.txt, which I must have omitted to upload, and have renamed additions1.txt to distinguish it from the additions.txt file generated by following your instructions above. I believe I have followed your instructions and attach the 2 logs thus generated. I am reasonably relaxed about undertaking actions that might render the system unbootable, since I have a comprehensive system for imaging the system, but of course would prefer to do so in a way that leads to identification of
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Devin. But I am afraid that after re-running the clean up tool in safe mode, and deleting any files or registry entries that still showed as not having been deleted in the resultant clean up log, I have got exactly the same result as before. The anti-exploit protection appears to be running for a few seconds but then ceases to do so and cannot be restarted. Can you suggest anything else, please?
  11. I am still building a W10 machine. It is a big job and is taking time.
  12. Thanks Devin. Herewith requested file. mb-check-results.zip
  13. I have now uninstalled MBAM, cleaned up both MBAM and MBAE using Total Uninstall, then I ran the cleanup tool downloaded from the link you provided, ran the MBAM cleanup tool, and then I reinstalled MBAM. Although anti-exploit protection appeared to be on at first, it then turned itself off after perhaps 20 seconds, and when I try to turn it on, it turns off again within about 5 seconds or less. Can you suggest anything further, please?
  14. Thanks again Devin. I will take you advice and report back. Perhaps I should mention that I had MB Anti-Exploit installed at one time. I think I uninstalled it before installing MBAM 3, or it went with the installation of MBAM 3. However, I monitor installations with Total Uninstall, and I have not removed traces of the program using Total Uninstall yet. I think I should perhaps do so before using the MBAM cleanup tool, unless you have a separate cleanup tool for MB Anti-Exploit. I can find no more instructions on removal of MBAE than are here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/do
  15. Thanks Devin. That is most helpful. I have now updated to v3 by installing the download you provided a link for, and I can indeed now run Firefox with it installed. However, that leaves a couple of questions; 1. Should exploit protection be available in v3 running on xp? Is there any configuration of the advanced settings for exploit protection that will enable it to run on XP? 2. Is there anything I can do about the fact that I could not disable self protection mode? Or should I ignore it? 3. Having installed v3, I now have a warning, both on the dashboard and on the
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