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  1. nicee...very nice...good work...keep up the good work.. :-)
  2. Thanks for all the replys... a.I did not know i would edit my own posts :-) (thx 4 telling me) b.I reinstalled my pc again for the 70th time c.Thanks for replying d.MBAM did NOT remove it e.It was unlocker that removed and deleted it..!!!!!!!!!!
  3. or it could of been unlocker..because something came up with explorer.exe
  4. and i think it was Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.45 that deleted it...after i did a full scan
  5. hi all... i was playing on battlefield bc2 last night,i shutdown my pc and went to bed.. i woke up dis morning and turned on my computer and the nothing loaded.not even the explorer,etc. i pressed trl+alt+delete to open the task manger i then went file>run and typed explorer.exe it said it was not found... i then booted up in safe mode to do the same modthod...still not working...I can only go to file>new and type programs....im in firefox now.. plzz plss help... thxx
  6. Is there a any good program that would clear the junk or crap on my pc... not the following plz ccleaner tuneup Thanks!
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