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  1. Hi Guys and Gals Just a question - has anyone ever noticed a delay on the startup of the protection module - i am not on about the actual program icon (registry key is something like delayguistart) I mean it starts up fine after the delay and then the protection module is disabled - moments later it re-enables itself (could be between 3 and 5 seconds or 5 minutes) I've reinstalled, using the full uninstall routine (mbamclean etc) and it seems to work for a day or two - then this error returns - i am stumped as its not on every system i manage with either the professional or corporate edition. I am posting here as it is on the professional edition as well as the corporate edition - not just one or the other
  2. Great work peeps - a nasty present for those makers of malware... Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to one and all at MBAM
  3. Thank You! Hopefully i'll be able to get some answers from a human being
  4. Wanted to edit this post but for some reason will not allow.. Update - I took the battery out of one of the PC's to send it back to y2k... thinking Symmtime would then synchronise correctly...its now years out of date - it will sync correctly then less than 2 seconds later it goes back years Any ideas????
  5. **cant find edit function** If you cant bear to loose all progs etc you may be able to 'clone' the h/d onto a new one, someone else may suggest software to do that, (i have used acronis v10 before on a SATA and a IDE drive on a desktop pc, without problems but i have never done it with a laptop) It may be a lot of work but I personally prefer a clean install on a new h/d
  6. Sounds like SMART disk technology is telling you your drive is about to die - which means new h/d time Backup any files you have created - pictures, documents etc and save them to USB / CD / DVD Buy a new HD and if you are confident on doing things yourself and have recovery disks or windows vista oem then i suggest install windows on the new drive
  7. Agree... would be nice for some product placement - any photoshop-type people out there?
  8. Ok Here's one for you all - and this is baffling me I use Symmtime 2010 (v4.9) across different systems on a network of 12 computers (they all run XP but a mix of XP Home and XP Pro) On 2 computers in the building I have a corruption showing. By this I mean it could be a few minutes out of date
  9. Nice... better than the boring you are on cctv' signs that are everywhere now
  10. Already done that - got Pete Nguyen sorting out paperwork he said... was waiting for paperwork to arrive.. has it gone walkabouts?
  11. Still waiting myself.......... Any news on this front?
  12. Sorry i am posting in public but due to a failure of hardware (Hitachi H/D... a Deskstar - now i know why they had the brand DEATH star) I've lost the contact details for a guy called Pete.. i think surname was Ny**** he works at MalwareBytes and was sorting out a corporate licence Pete - If you can see this please send me a e-mail with your address on - or if anyone knows Pete or has his contact info please send via Private Message On the beg.... if anyone has one to hand send me a PM.... Hitachi 500gb sata hard drive (Manufatured Date Nov 2008) - for 'donor' components.... - the pcb needs to be intact Cheers Chris Hammond Trust AM IT Department
  13. Regarding the actual server - being a charity they will definitely turn it down...... Thanks for your honesty guys... Its appreciated Now on the other hand... know anyone with a server that they dont want and are willing to donate????
  14. Nice to be informed... I asked ESET to let me know.... I was one of the people to spot this massive error that stopped network browsing - lets hope that all this 'domain vs workgroup' stuff aint needed until i know how bigger headache it will be Thanks noknojon
  15. Thank you kindly.... its gone... Related but only just - anyone know of a defrag prog that will run silently without user interaction on a idle machine - just like smart defrag?
  16. Sent everything i think is required Thanks TeMerc
  17. Domain's vs Workgroups... I've recently took over IT at the radio station, and am needing to make improvements to certain places where i see a problem Previously we've ran ESET smart Sec v4 without problems, however due to people bringing in USB sticks etc i've been tasked in securing our systems without interfearing with the membership. I've heard about 'domains', i know we have a workgroup in place as we use XP home and XP pro on these systems, i am in the process of trying to set up a domain - and to be brutally honest am well out of my depth as i am hardware trained not software. I have my 2 personal systems running ESET 4.2 and have them both on Xp Pro sp3 and in a workgroup - this works fine but when i upgraded the systems at the station to 4.2 (as i was told to do) all [bleep] broke loose, shared network resources wouldn't work, printers etc. I have a option to format and reinstall all the systems up there if needed but as we have 10+ running you can see that this is going to be a major undertaking These 10 computers are on the net 24/7 and in a workgroup. Being a charity they were built from companies that build Home PC's, they are not designed as to be server machines - we have one called 'server' that runs the record library and a british hits database and printers I am wanting to make this as secure as possible but how easy is it to do??? and more importantly how much brain ache am i giving myself?
  18. I had 'smart defrag' on a old system at one point - it screwed a h/d i only use 'game booster' now if i want to run a fps - and thats not very often
  19. Saw another post in here regarding the web-contact form - filled that in also... thanks guys
  20. Written to corporate 3 weeks and one day since - still no reply - does the address even exist?
  21. Thanks Sartori and exile360 - i'll mail off to mbam corporate as soon as this is posted....
  22. Hi My name is Chris, I am responsible for a hospital radio station
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