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  1. Hi Guys and Gals Just a question - has anyone ever noticed a delay on the startup of the protection module - i am not on about the actual program icon (registry key is something like delayguistart) I mean it starts up fine after the delay and then the protection module is disabled - moments later it re-enables itself (could be between 3 and 5 seconds or 5 minutes) I've reinstalled, using the full uninstall routine (mbamclean etc) and it seems to work for a day or two - then this error returns - i am stumped as its not on every system i manage with either the professional or corporate edition. I am posting here as it is on the professional edition as well as the corporate edition - not just one or the other
  2. Great work peeps - a nasty present for those makers of malware... Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to one and all at MBAM
  3. Thank You! Hopefully i'll be able to get some answers from a human being
  4. Wanted to edit this post but for some reason will not allow.. Update - I took the battery out of one of the PC's to send it back to y2k... thinking Symmtime would then synchronise correctly...its now years out of date - it will sync correctly then less than 2 seconds later it goes back years Any ideas????
  5. **cant find edit function** If you cant bear to loose all progs etc you may be able to 'clone' the h/d onto a new one, someone else may suggest software to do that, (i have used acronis v10 before on a SATA and a IDE drive on a desktop pc, without problems but i have never done it with a laptop) It may be a lot of work but I personally prefer a clean install on a new h/d
  6. Sounds like SMART disk technology is telling you your drive is about to die - which means new h/d time Backup any files you have created - pictures, documents etc and save them to USB / CD / DVD Buy a new HD and if you are confident on doing things yourself and have recovery disks or windows vista oem then i suggest install windows on the new drive
  7. Agree... would be nice for some product placement - any photoshop-type people out there?
  8. Ok Here's one for you all - and this is baffling me I use Symmtime 2010 (v4.9) across different systems on a network of 12 computers (they all run XP but a mix of XP Home and XP Pro) On 2 computers in the building I have a corruption showing. By this I mean it could be a few minutes out of date
  9. Nice... better than the boring you are on cctv' signs that are everywhere now
  10. Already done that - got Pete Nguyen sorting out paperwork he said... was waiting for paperwork to arrive.. has it gone walkabouts?
  11. Still waiting myself.......... Any news on this front?
  12. Sorry i am posting in public but due to a failure of hardware (Hitachi H/D... a Deskstar - now i know why they had the brand DEATH star) I've lost the contact details for a guy called Pete.. i think surname was Ny**** he works at MalwareBytes and was sorting out a corporate licence Pete - If you can see this please send me a e-mail with your address on - or if anyone knows Pete or has his contact info please send via Private Message On the beg.... if anyone has one to hand send me a PM.... Hitachi 500gb sata hard drive (Manufatured Date Nov 2008) - for 'donor' components.... - the pcb needs to be intact Cheers Chris Hammond Trust AM IT Department
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