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  1. Wow - while it's good to know I'm not alone it's a bit disappointing to see that so many are dealing with this issue. We received a quote for corporate licensing after three weeks, but we've decided to go with 400 rather than 450 licenses, so I sent a request for a revised quote, (attention Marcus Chung), and have not yet received a response. Of course that was only two days ago, but it seems like there would at least be an automated email stating something to the effect of "we have received your request and will reply at our earliest convenience", rather than leaving the customer wondering if the company truly wants the sale or not. Will someone please see my email requesting the quote be revised, reference number 10544251, and send the quote to me by tomorrow, Friday, 19th? The quote states the cost offered is good through March. Considering I've attempted to place the order beginning on the 16th, I appreciate that price being honored beyond March 31, if it is not possible to send the quote to me before then. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.
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