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  1. Thanks for the reply exile360. Helpful as usual, chap!
  2. Greetings, Under protected applications Adobe Reader's filename is acrord32.exe, but when I run Acrobat Reader DC the process is acroRd32.exe. Does it matter that the R is uppercase or does the filename/process have to be exact?
  3. Cheers for the explanation LiquidTension.
  4. Hi folks, So I was just randomly navigating my MBAM Premium interface and noticed that Edge isn't listed in the Manage Protected Applications window. I'm a long time user of MBAM going back to when they started, and before Anti-Exploit was integrated into MBAM I used MBAE and I could have sworn there was an entry with "Edge (with add-ons)" Does MBAM no longer protect Edge with its Anti-Exploit technology?
  5. Greetings, My mother uses Chrome and I am thinking of adding the Malwarebytes Chrome extension to better protect her. My question is: I have already installed AdBlock Plus and wondered does this extension work with AdBlock Plus or would I need to uninstall it?
  6. I still use Internet Explorer 11 . I assume MBAM anti exploit still works without conflict with that browser
  7. That's the latest version. I then checked Malwarebytes IP test site and it successfully blocked it, which I am happy about.
  8. There was a problem with MBAM's web component not blocking blacklisted websites with Kaspersky 18 installed, but I've had KIS 19 installed for a few days now and it now works and so far have not encountered any errors.
  9. I've just installed the latest KIS 19 and tested MBAM's web protection module using their IP test site and the blocking seems to be working again, which it didn't do with KIS 18. Anyone know of any existing conflicts between these two that I should be aware of?
  10. I was hoping this update might fix the IP protection not blocking problem if Kaspersky is installed, but unfortunately it hasn't.
  11. I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security and MBAM for years and they've worked fine up to a few months ago when the Web protection no longer seemed to block anything. Disabling Advanced disinfection and rootkit doesn't seem to resolve the issue, though MBAM Exploit protection and Malware protection work fine. I'm hoping that the upcoming update will fix this issue.
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