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  1. Sorry to be a pain Exile360. I've added WinRAR.exe manually but it still doesn't show up. Unrar.exe works fine though.
  2. Hi Exile360, Thanks for your reply. Would I type in C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe in the application file field?
  3. Greetings everyone, I can't seem to add WinRAR to the custom list of protected applications. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. I ditched SAS a few months after the founder sold it to Support.com, and in my personal opinion it started going downhill soon after that. I thought it was overkill to be using this with MBAM so uninstalled it.
  5. Actually, I just tried it again with the dgvoodoo program running and it did detect it as a process and the file. Disregard my previous question. Sorry guys.
  6. Hi guys, I've been using the wrapper dgvoodoo 2 to allow older games to run. This program is sometimes flagged by some anti-virus/anti-malware programs as generic detections and MBAM detects it as MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%. Now I know I can add this to exclusions and submit it as a false positive, but that's not why I'm creating this thread. I'm confused as to why if I right click the program folder where I put dgvoogoo 2 it is detected by custom scan but is not detected by Threat scan. The Threat Scan detected the dgvoodoo zip file in downloads but not the dgvoodoo exe in the program folder, whereas the Custom Scan utilizing a context menu scan on program folders detects it. Why is this? Does Threat Scan not scan program folders?
  7. @Maurice Naggar I've only just saw your reply to my thread, usually I'm notified when there is a reply to a thread but wasn't in this case and hence would have replied to you, my apologies. As my above post hopefully clarified, the domains I mentioned in that thread are now successfully blocked by the web module after I updated from MBAM 3 to MBAM 4.0.4.
  8. @lmacri Just saw this post, sorry. As the OP of the first thread I can confirm that since updating to Malwarebytes 4.0.4 the web protection component now seems to be functioning correctly if you have Kaspersky installed. I visited Malwarebytes Threat Centre and tried out the previous domains that were not being blocked and they now are. Just to clarify to people who have haven't read my thread. This was in relation to Kaspersky Internet Security 19 interfering with Malwarebytes 3 Web component and domains not being blocked, this is not connected to the current conflict between KIS 20 and MBAM Ransomware component.
  9. @thisisu Hi, No need to apologise and it's no inconvenience.
  10. Oh right, I didn't know that.
  11. Hi chaps, I've just had a detection for Joe Sandbox, which I think might be a FP. I don't think the site is shady as it is a malware analysis site. log1.txt log2.txt
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