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  1. I recently downloaded a safe portable program by Cheathappens called Cosmos that I put in my Portable folder for which I then created a desktop shortcut that I named Cosmos. Unfortunately Adwcleaner has detected the .lnk file as PUP.Optional.CosmosSystemCare which it isn't connected to. Obviously the PUP software Cosmos System Care creates a shortcut named Cosmos also, hence the detection. Now, I know I can simply add the legitimate .lnk file to exclusions, but I'm wondering if this would then prevent Adwcleaner from detecting a genuine Cosmos System Care shortcut if it ever happened to
  2. I used them both all the time with Firefox and had no problems.
  3. There is a fake version of Mbam Browser Guard in the Chrome Store. Top one genuine, bottom one fake.
  4. @Maurice Naggar Ok cheers, I'll check it out.
  5. Hi folks, Have any Kaspersky v20 users found the Malwarebytes Components Update: version 1.0.854 successful in negating the conflict between Kaspersky and MBAM's ransomware module? I downgraded to v19 to avoid the problem, but am wondering if it is safe to upgrade to v20.
  6. This was detected as Machinelearning. Not sure if it's a fp. It's detected by 4 engines on VT. I have a few other files in the same folder except these are not detected by mbam. They have the same name but have the AMD logo and are copyright Flexera. I think this might have to do with the AMD chipset software I installed the other day. ARPPRODUCTICON.txt ARPPRODUCTICON.zip
  7. Sorry to be a pain Exile360. I've added WinRAR.exe manually but it still doesn't show up. Unrar.exe works fine though.
  8. Hi Exile360, Thanks for your reply. Would I type in C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe in the application file field?
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