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  1. MBAM No icon in system tray

    Well, for the past few boots the icon has shown up.
  2. MBAM No icon in system tray

    Okay, no problem, thanks.
  3. MBAM No icon in system tray

    Thank you for the reply. Here is the file.
  4. MBAM No icon in system tray

    Hi, Ever since I upgraded to MBAM 3.2.2 the MBAM icon in the system tray has vanished, so I decided to perform a clean install but the problem remained. I updated last night to the latest component version and the MBAM icon appeared in the tray and I thought it was fixed, however on booting this morning find that the icon is gone. MBAM.exe and MBAMSERVICE.EXE are running but there's no system tray process.
  5. MBAM Heuristics Analysis

    That explains it, cheers Firefox.
  6. MBAM Heuristics Analysis

    Hi, I'm using MBAM 3.2.2 and have noticed my Heuristics Analysis scan completes almost instantly on both Threat and Hyper scans. Is that normal?
  7. PUP.Optional.Legacy

    I never cleaned these detections but strangely they are no longer present with the new Adwcleaner version.
  8. PUP.Optional.Legacy

    That's the same entries I've been getting.
  9. PUP.Optional.Legacy

    Greetings, I've just scanned with the new version and have received the same results. I'm pretty sure they must be false postives as I have recently returned my OS to a previous clean state, and when I scanned with Adwcleaner the other day it came up clean and I have installed no new software since then, besides the fact that I am clued up on PUP's and how to avoid the optional downloads that come with them. AdwCleaner[S1].txt
  10. PUP.Optional.Legacy

    I received these detections but they all seem to be Internet Explorer ActiveX Compatibility issues. Are they false positives? No folders are detected other than these. I'm wondering whether SpywareBlaster's ActiveX protection might be being detected. AdwCleaner[S7].txt
  11. Update question

    That's good news, thanks.
  12. Update question

    With V7 can you now update the definitions within Adwcleaner itself? In the past I had to download a new executable.
  13. Exploit protection in MBAM 3

    Great news, thanks.
  14. Exploit protection in MBAM 3

    Hi, I used to use a combination of MBAM 2 paid and MBAE free but have just upgraded to MBAM 3. I have a lifetime license and now that MBAE is integrated into MBAM 3 as Exploit Protection wanted to know do I get the equivalent of the old MBAE paid if I have a license?
  15. License Issue

    Many thanks to Oscar at support for rectifying my licence issue.