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  1. There is at the moment a known conflict between KIS 20 and MBAM. Check this post out:
  2. That's the trouble with problems like this, you don't initially know what's causing them and it can be damn annoying trying to ascertain the cause. I thought my OS may of had integrity violations and it was only when I went back to an earlier Windows image that the problem went, until it came back again. I had to analyse what I had done between reverting to the earlier image and when the problems began again, and there was only one thing and that was upgrading KIS 19 back to 20, so I went on the forums and slowly information begins to flow regarding a recent patch etc, etc.
  3. I'm not experiencing problems at this time, no. I should mention I am still using Malwarebytes 3. Ever since Malwarebytes 1 I have always waited a while before installing the new version.
  4. I've automatically been patched to KIS19 (k) and it seems to be running okay so far.
  5. Same here. I personally am not experiencing any conflict using KIS 19 (j). I've been keeping an eye on any unmanageable processes and haven't yet seen any.
  6. Interesting reply Exile360. I went back to KIS to avoid the conflict and I've just noticed my version of KIS has updated to patch j, so obviously my Ransomware component has been enabled, but I haven't noticed any conflict yet. I've been opening and closing Firefox with no problems, which was one of the main applications affected with KIS (e).
  7. Before it looks to forum members like my train of thought ends in mid sentence I meant to say in the first paragraph: I've analysed the processes of said programs and they are now closing properly with KIS version 19 installed. 😂
  8. Hello @Maurice Naggar I would certainly perform the solutions you've suggested, but I've uninstalled KIS V. and reinstalled V., which at the time of writing has no problems. I've analysed the processes of said programs and I'm unaware if the new MBAM V4 is affected by these issues as I haven't upgraded yet. I am at least content that I've ascertained what is causing the problem now, as I've been on other forums trying to figure out if my PC was on its way out.
  9. The problems mentioned in this thread accurately summarises the problems I've been having this past week. Applications processes not closing when the corresponding program is closed, and a complete inability to terminate said processes. Uplay, Steam, Chrome, Firefox etc were some of the programs affected. I decided to revert to an earlier system image that I wisely created after a fresh install of Windows and the problem went away. Everything was fine until today, when the problem re-emerged, and the only thing I have done today is update Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 to Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 (Patch e). I can confirm, in my case at least, that disabling Ransomware Protection solves the issue.
  10. Hi Jimsarles, I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes since 2008 and for the most part have had no problems, but have noticed over the past year or so that Kaspersky has a tendency to interfere with Malwarebytes Web protection component. Whether this same conflict exists with Kaspersky's Total Security I don't know. As for all MBAM's other protection components, I have tested them and they seem to work fine.
  11. Informative post exile360. 👍 I wonder if Kaspersky would also affect Malwarebytes Browser Guard from operating? I only ask as I personally haven't used Malwarebytes Browser Guard as I'm an old fashioned Edge user and it isn't out for that browser. Maybe when the new chromium based Edge comes out Malwarebytes might support it.
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