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  1. @Daveiw100 I think it's being looked into.
  2. @Porthos Jesus wept, Porthos, that was an incredibly prompt reply! Thank you for your answer, chap! 👍
  3. Hey folks, As you know, when MBBG is first installed, you receive a little tutorial banner appear that you click next through. For some reason, recently it has been popping up every time I click the MBBG icon. I click again and it is gone, but it is a minor annoyance. I've had this behaviour happen before and uninstalling/re-installing the extension fixed it. However, this time it didn't. I should clarify I am using Edge with the Edge store extension. Anyone else having this?
  4. Here is the file you requested. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. @David H. Lipman I think I remember having this problem once with MBAM V4, but I entered the language settings and set it to English UK. but it doesn't seem available on V5.
  6. @David H. Lipman I think I neglected to mention, the date is fine on the Onedrive app itself, it's when I click View Online, and it takes me to the web version of Onedrive that the format and language are wrong. Also, I've just checked what you said, and the format is U.K.
  7. All my programs are UK date format. Windows settings all UK. Though for some reason my Onedrive app is showing United States and all dates are in US format on this app. When I click on it, it shows United Kingdom preferred language, but when I go back it still says United States.
  8. Hey folks, I recently updated to MBAM V5, and whilst I prefer the GUI to V4 the date format is U.S. and not U.K. and I am unable to change it. Any ideas on how to change it?
  9. I've just updated to v5, I like it. Also, when I used to click the MBAM icon in the taskbar on v4, there was a brief delay before it would pop up, with V5 it is instant.
  10. @Porthos I'll try it out now. The GUI in this picture looks better to me than v4 to be honest. I was never a fan of the giant box sections of V4.
  11. @Porthos Have you found V5 stable for you? I've been using MBAM since the old v1 days, but I seem to remember, I think it was V3, that there were quite a few problems with it when it first released. I know they fixed them, but I decided after that to make it policy to wait until it's mandatorily updated. If there aren't any major bugs, though, I might check it out.
  12. Hey folks, Anyone having problems with MBAM updating application updates automatically? I've just checked my PC with Patch My PC, and it informed me that MBAM was out of date. I'm presently on, but apparently 4.6.13 was released on the 18th April, ten days ago. I didn't think it would have taken that long for application updates to automatically be updated and applied.
  13. I can confirm, I was experiencing this issue also. It's good to know it is being addressed.
  14. @PorthosHello, I just attempted it, but no luck. The other PC I used Adwcleaner on doesn't have Kaspersky installed. I turned off cloud temporarily and ran a scan and the result was the same definition but local. Maybe the definitions on this application aren't updated as frequently.
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