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  1. @gonzo Hi, Just attempted that but the problem still persists. Update: I've uninstalled and re-installed the extension and it seems to be working okay at the moment. I'm wondering whether it's because I reinstalled the OS the other day and Edge Sync was on, so my Malwarebytes extension was automatically installed as opposed to me manually going to the Store and installing it. Maybe something went wrong during that automatic install process.
  2. Hi, I'm using Microsoft Edge Chromium and have Malwarebytes Browser Guard, which had to be installed via the Chrome Store as it isn't listed in the Edge store. I have been using it for ages, but lately every time I click on the badge I get the Introduction "Welcome to Malwarebytes Browser Guard" screen. I have to click the Let's go button in order for the default page information screen to be displayed. When I click away so that the badge closes and then re-click the badge, up pops the Welcome screen again. This has only started happening recently. Any ideas on how I can rectif
  3. Can confirm I am receiving the detection here too.
  4. I thought it might, I just wasn't totally sure. Thanks for the explanation, exile360.
  5. I don't generally have Java Runtime Environment installed as I don't have any applications that require it, but recently I was thinking about downloading a program that requires JRE to be installed for it to run. Now, I know Anti-Exploit covers the Java Runtime, would I be correct in assuming then that by doing so MBAM also covers the applications that need JRE to run, thus protecting them from exploits?
  6. I recently downloaded a safe portable program by Cheathappens called Cosmos that I put in my Portable folder for which I then created a desktop shortcut that I named Cosmos. Unfortunately Adwcleaner has detected the .lnk file as PUP.Optional.CosmosSystemCare which it isn't connected to. Obviously the PUP software Cosmos System Care creates a shortcut named Cosmos also, hence the detection. Now, I know I can simply add the legitimate .lnk file to exclusions, but I'm wondering if this would then prevent Adwcleaner from detecting a genuine Cosmos System Care shortcut if it ever happened to
  7. I used them both all the time with Firefox and had no problems.
  8. There is a fake version of Mbam Browser Guard in the Chrome Store. Top one genuine, bottom one fake.
  9. Hi folks, Have any Kaspersky v20 users found the Malwarebytes Components Update: version 1.0.854 successful in negating the conflict between Kaspersky and MBAM's ransomware module? I downgraded to v19 to avoid the problem, but am wondering if it is safe to upgrade to v20.
  10. This was detected as Machinelearning. Not sure if it's a fp. It's detected by 4 engines on VT. I have a few other files in the same folder except these are not detected by mbam. They have the same name but have the AMD logo and are copyright Flexera. I think this might have to do with the AMD chipset software I installed the other day. ARPPRODUCTICON.txt ARPPRODUCTICON.zip
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