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  1. Yep - all set. Thanks again for all you do. 🙂
  2. Since it is a FP it is ok to post it as an exclusion on program. I assume.
  3. Me too. This morning - 4/16...Thanks for attention to this.
  4. - boy nuttin but trouble with this. I do not see this - click on the scope circle in the middle above the word Scanner- At any rate I look in the notifications area on MWB and I exported it to a text file. Here is that-- hope that helps. Thanks very much. cdn.txt
  5. I'm sorry. Also need to know how to do your request. Thanks.
  6. I am attempting an update to the above and MWB has called it out as a trojan - on their forum, the moderator has said it is a false positive - go ahead and install. Not comfortable with doing that. Any thoughts? Thanks as always.
  7. As I recall, there was an update either yesterday or the day before, however, this morning my desktop came up with a "restart required" window. I took care of restart yesterday - just wondering if another one came thru today. Thanks.
  8. Yep - fine -- Win10, Dell Inspiron 5000 series, chrome 79- latest so sez chrome. Yes, I have shut the system down, restarted Chrome. Thanks.
  9. I did as you suggested. Uninstalled, went to Chrome store, reinstalled. Same issue. I am not sure what to do now except not use it. Wish I could. Need all the protection we can get anymore.
  10. So I removed it again.
  11. Well it was working fine. Did the reinstall and now back to slow.
  12. Yes, now it works fine. I'll try a reinstall. Thanks.
  13. I went to extensions and said, "remove" - guess that's not the way to do it. doesn't show up in extensions anymore to add back in. How do I uninstall a piece of MWB protection. In the app itself? Looked at that option but didn't see anything.
  14. Icon there now and asking for reload. When I do reload slowness returns.
  15. I restarted Bing browser but don't see the MWB icon. Maybe I should restart system...
  16. I will jump in to discussion with same result - slowing down browser significantly. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for info. Happened on my win7 desktop. I have not had a problem with win10 for this issue, so far this morning. Was it an attack or just a glitch of some sort with mwb? F/P = false positive? Thanks again.
  18. Got a bunch of malware flags within the last minute or so. Above title and others. I updated Google Chrome browser today - logged on tonite and many flags started appearing. Any ideas. Thanks.
  19. Great - I do have 164. Phew. thanks to all.
  20. I would like to download this patch for my win7 desktop but can't seem to find it. It did not come with a recent windows update. "Patches are currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 -- the Windows versions vulnerable to BlueKeep attacks". This is from zdnet. Can someone guide me to the download site. I have not had any luck. Thanks.
  21. I always update when I see that notice come thru - whatever. I did this update. Thanks.
  22. Today there is a window on my desktop that says a new and improved version is available. Is this true.
  23. Also chrome book doesn't like any windows stuff so can't d.l. opera. I'll try on my hp laptop.
  24. OK. I'll try Opera. That's the only other one I use occasionally. Thanks.
  25. No it does not fail to open when in the email. It opens but when I try to open any of the links contained in the document, they do not open. At the top of the document the words "Jump to" and then below that -- "latest cryptojacking news" with many other topics listed below that first line. None open. Also the touchpad on this chromebook does not want to right click on these words. Also, cannot copy the link in the document. No problem for questions. Know you need info. Thanks.
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