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  1. Thanks for info. Happened on my win7 desktop. I have not had a problem with win10 for this issue, so far this morning. Was it an attack or just a glitch of some sort with mwb? F/P = false positive? Thanks again.
  2. Got a bunch of malware flags within the last minute or so. Above title and others. I updated Google Chrome browser today - logged on tonite and many flags started appearing. Any ideas. Thanks.
  3. Great - I do have 164. Phew. thanks to all.
  4. I would like to download this patch for my win7 desktop but can't seem to find it. It did not come with a recent windows update. "Patches are currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 -- the Windows versions vulnerable to BlueKeep attacks". This is from zdnet. Can someone guide me to the download site. I have not had any luck. Thanks.
  5. I always update when I see that notice come thru - whatever. I did this update. Thanks.
  6. Today there is a window on my desktop that says a new and improved version is available. Is this true.
  7. Also chrome book doesn't like any windows stuff so can't d.l. opera. I'll try on my hp laptop.
  8. OK. I'll try Opera. That's the only other one I use occasionally. Thanks.
  9. No it does not fail to open when in the email. It opens but when I try to open any of the links contained in the document, they do not open. At the top of the document the words "Jump to" and then below that -- "latest cryptojacking news" with many other topics listed below that first line. None open. Also the touchpad on this chromebook does not want to right click on these words. Also, cannot copy the link in the document. No problem for questions. Know you need info. Thanks.
  10. Are others having this issue? So it will get fixed, yes? Thanks.
  11. Yes as before but any of the articles contained when the link is opened, do not open. Thanks.
  12. https://www.malwarebytes.com/cryptojacking/?utm_source=double-opt-in&utm_medium=email-internal-b2c&utm_campaign=EM-B2C-2018-September-newsletter&utm_content=cryptojacking When I click on the link to read the article this is in the address box. It is not a PDF. When I click on any of the stories contained in the link they do not open. It is https format as you have pointed out. I don't recall having any problems with opening this format in the past. Thanks.
  13. I received the newsletter yesterday via my msn email account. I have tried to open and read it but it will not open. I tried it on my Chromebook and my HP laptop. Neither device will open the newsletter. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi - to clarify - the premium version is on my Dell desktop - not the laptop. I signed on long ago so have it for free -- yay!! While I would love premium on both machines, annual cost does add up. Retired - fixed income unfortunately. Sure do appreciate all the help that is offered on this forum. It's the best!!
  15. So where do the add on extras show up? Are they "extensions". Not sure where to find them. Your last sentence sounds like I should really just stick with mwb. period!! Thanks again.
  16. Wow. all so informative. I am running the free version of mwb on my ancient laptop. (2011) -- system is rather slow to begin with and some AV programs seem to make it worse. I spent the better part of yesterday removing Avira - what a pain. I had to jump thru many hoops to get it off and finally succeeded, after going to their site and using a manual uninstall as nothing else worked. So then I tried to put MS security essentials on and it would not install. System keeps saying I have Windows Defender installed but nowhere can I find it. So tried to download and install that (so I could hopefully find it on my system) and it would not install. Also I believe it is for Vista and I am on Seven. This morning I installed AVG and it seems fine so far but does want me to install their higher version for $100 annual. Not interested in that but did load the trial version which I will cancel before the 60 days. I tried to install Avast but it would not as it says I have another AV installed which I don't-I think it is seeing that Defender deep down in my system. Anyway, all of this has lead me to ask the question about MWB serving as AV as well as all of its other functions. Looks to be the answer for me. If AVG continues to be ok, I will keep it and MWB - if not, away with AVG. Thanks to all for good info.
  17. A few months ago I read in an install package of mwb that it also worked as an anti-virus program. Is that true??? Thanks very much.
  18. I guess I'm looking for what's next. Do I just know I'm ok as it was blocked or do I need to do something. Just delete the report? Quarantine? Since it is termed malicious, does it need further action? Thanks.
  19. Aren't blocked sites usually valid? Shall I research it before posting here? I really don't know much about this stuff as you can tell. Thanks.
  20. 3 of these turned up today in the scan report. They were posted on 3/9 but I look at this every day and they weren't there until this morning. One of those bitcoin minters? Do you need all 3 - Thanks - block.txt
  21. All fixed on my machine after one reboot. Thanks for that. Just glad it wasn't some rogue attack. Thanks again and sorry for your headache.
  22. Me too. Would not let me do anything on standard account. Logged on as admin. Now FRST doing scan. Yes, system was fine all morning - all of a sudden would not do anything!! could not get on the net - or run MWB -- something going on for sure!!
  23. Nope - think all has been cleared up. I'll open a new thread if they come back but fingers crossed. Thanks for checking.
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