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  1. Last evening I logged onto admin account. I opened MWB and it said - version 4.2.082 and it had been updated that day. Everything seems to be running smoothly and we have the latest version -- the only thing I wonder about is the browser guard. It has not been offered on Edge as far as I can tell. Do you know about that? Thanks again.
  2. So my choices are - use vpn don't update mwb or don't use vpn - update mwb. hmmm. It hasn't presented a problem on my win10 laptop. I will have to think about it. Thanks very much for all of your help.
  3. I realize there is no such thing as 100% of most anything. The system uses Edge browser which as of now, user has not installed mwb browser protection. I think Edge was on system when we did the mwb update. Supposedly Edge has many security features - my main concern is if I don't update mwb to latest version, that will get me hacked.
  4. So if mine is on, then system is safe from malware? The system is running smoothly now and if I update mwb, I am afraid it will have issues again. What do you advise?
  5. "I personally have never subscribed to that philosophy myself"---?? -- the philosophy that admin accounts are more likely to be attacked.?
  6. So what are my choices - I like the VPN as I no longer have windows security updates on win7 pc. This vpn is paid for not free btw. I have used mwb for a loooong time and really like it and the support you offer - hmmm.
  7. As I found out. Perhaps a quick note on your download area - Must be run on admin account. For we stupeedos...:-)
  8. Here it is. A note - cannot be run on standard account as "admin" - would not open. For those who try this method - don't. Works fine on admin. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Thanks. For your info, I updated on my win10 laptop just fine. My very old desktop win7 however did not like it. The sys restore has made it run fine again. When I can access the desktop, I will follow thru with diagnostic - but if forum has issues, it can certainly wait.
  10. Windows7 - Dell all in one - using Edge as browser -- all working fine until I put that update on. Now can't access web and is extremely slow. I did a sys restore. If all runs ok, should I put the update on again or am I safe not doing so? Thanks.
  11. Should this update have been downloaded and installed twice? on Dell win10 and 3 times on Dell win7? Strange.
  12. MWB very slow to load. seems to be affecting other software from loading. Starts scanning without request to do so. After scan complete, starts another one. Should I uninstall?
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