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  1. 3.0 continues to act up. One day it's fine and the next day, alert appears. I also think its problems are leading to some instability of my system. I got frustrated and uninstalled it a few minutes ago and now I remember that I should have deactivated it if I was going to install V2. So what next for me? Any help always appreciated. Thanks very much.
  2. Hi Ron - I uninstalled and reinstalled once again a couple of days ago. All has been fine since then but if things act up again, I will try your suggestion. Thanks.
  3. Well unfortunately it doesn't work as in doesn't start. What is your recommendation? Uninstall and go back to V2? What about the exclusion question. Does that do any good? Thanks.
  4. Component pkg version: 1.0.69
  5. A little off topic but maybe not. Does anyone know about the Macrium software issue that this version of MWB was supposed to cure? V3 was working fine for about a week and then I installed Macrium on Sunday and now mwb has the ransomeware protection disabled. Should I try an exclusion for that software? I am not sure which file to list -- if you think I should, pls point out the file or folder that I should exclude. I am hoping that by listing this software in the exclusion category the problem will be solved and I can keep V3. The protection setting for Ransomeware is now disabled since the Macrium install. Before it was "web" protection but that seems fine now. Thanks.
  6. Thanks very much for that. Will deactivate.
  7. Hi - as much as I hate to do it, I am going to go back to V2 of MWB. 3.0 continues to have problems with protections being disabled - I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 3 times so think I'll wait it out with v2 until 3 gets fixed. Anyway, someone mentioned to deactivate license b/f uninstalling. If I do that will I be able to re-activate it on the V2 account? Thank you.
  8. I sent you the logs a couple of days ago but didn't follow up for comments as you then issued a new update. I installed it and all was fine. Sunday I installed Macrium back up program. All fine on Monday with mwb but last nite and this morning alert on the bat. First it was ransomeware protection disabled - enabled that and then ok. 10 minutes later web protection disabled. Can I do an exclusion for Macrium? Is that causing this perhaps. Anyway, that's what's happening to my mwb program. Know you are working hard to resolve all these issues and do want to thank you for that. I may just go back to V2 until all is well. Thanks again.
  9. Hate to sound stupid but before installing this update, do I need to do anything with the old version. i.e., deactivate as someone pointed out in an earlier post. Thanks very much. Looking forward to using the new version. Know you all have been working hard to get it remedied for clean and effective use.
  10. here are new logs... Addition.txt fixlist.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  11. Just thought I'd plug in the latest info. This morning it misbehaved (web protection not working) but I didn't shut it down, I kept it open. After a short time, I noticed that the orange alert was gone off the bat - I looked at protection settings and all were enabled and then I noticed that the "enable self protection module early start" said "not available". I saw that you had advised another mwb user to turn that setting ON -- hmmm. Just thought I'd let you know that bit of info. Also, MWB seems fine for now. I will do the diagnostics at some point if it acts up again. Thanks.
  12. Ratz!! MWB3.0 has been working fine since Feb 2. Tonite Bat has an alert on it for web protections - disabled. I guess I am going to have to go back to 2.0. The only thing I can offer is that we had a very brief power outtage (New England Blizzard) but the system was off. Thanks for a good product but something going on with the latest rev that just isn't making it consistently.
  13. i reinstalled 3.06 -so far so good. I see that I can add an exclusion. Do you think I should add Avira? and if so, which detail. Don't want to put it in the wrong category. Thanks.
  14. Hi - I will try that. Perhaps MB has a conflict with Avira - they both try to load at startup. Perhaps I can do an exclusion for Avira on MB to see if that helps. If not, I'll disable self-protection. Thanks again.
  15. To DCollins - we now have a couple of wrinkles - I uninstalled v3.0 this morning because mwb seemed to be hanging my system up, so the file you said to download, MB3check, will not reflect what is going on. Also, did not deactivate before the uninstall. SO... should I reinstall, run mb3check, deactivate and uninstall??? I don't need anymore issues with this pc. I just paid to get win7 reinstalled and all is working fine - except for our dear mwb. I really like this program but perhaps I should just go back to V2 which I have downloaded. I will await word from you before I do anything else. Thanks very much.