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  1. As I recall, there was an update either yesterday or the day before, however, this morning my desktop came up with a "restart required" window. I took care of restart yesterday - just wondering if another one came thru today. Thanks.
  2. Yep - fine -- Win10, Dell Inspiron 5000 series, chrome 79- latest so sez chrome. Yes, I have shut the system down, restarted Chrome. Thanks.
  3. I did as you suggested. Uninstalled, went to Chrome store, reinstalled. Same issue. I am not sure what to do now except not use it. Wish I could. Need all the protection we can get anymore.
  4. So I removed it again.
  5. Well it was working fine. Did the reinstall and now back to slow.
  6. Yes, now it works fine. I'll try a reinstall. Thanks.
  7. I went to extensions and said, "remove" - guess that's not the way to do it. doesn't show up in extensions anymore to add back in. How do I uninstall a piece of MWB protection. In the app itself? Looked at that option but didn't see anything.
  8. Icon there now and asking for reload. When I do reload slowness returns.
  9. I restarted Bing browser but don't see the MWB icon. Maybe I should restart system...
  10. I will jump in to discussion with same result - slowing down browser significantly. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for info. Happened on my win7 desktop. I have not had a problem with win10 for this issue, so far this morning. Was it an attack or just a glitch of some sort with mwb? F/P = false positive? Thanks again.
  12. Got a bunch of malware flags within the last minute or so. Above title and others. I updated Google Chrome browser today - logged on tonite and many flags started appearing. Any ideas. Thanks.
  13. Great - I do have 164. Phew. thanks to all.
  14. I would like to download this patch for my win7 desktop but can't seem to find it. It did not come with a recent windows update. "Patches are currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 -- the Windows versions vulnerable to BlueKeep attacks". This is from zdnet. Can someone guide me to the download site. I have not had any luck. Thanks.
  15. I always update when I see that notice come thru - whatever. I did this update. Thanks.
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