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  1. Hate to sound stupid but before installing this update, do I need to do anything with the old version. i.e., deactivate as someone pointed out in an earlier post. Thanks very much. Looking forward to using the new version. Know you all have been working hard to get it remedied for clean and effective use.
  2. here are new logs... Addition.txt fixlist.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  3. Just thought I'd plug in the latest info. This morning it misbehaved (web protection not working) but I didn't shut it down, I kept it open. After a short time, I noticed that the orange alert was gone off the bat - I looked at protection settings and all were enabled and then I noticed that the "enable self protection module early start" said "not available". I saw that you had advised another mwb user to turn that setting ON -- hmmm. Just thought I'd let you know that bit of info. Also, MWB seems fine for now. I will do the diagnostics at some point if it acts up again. Thanks.
  4. Ratz!! MWB3.0 has been working fine since Feb 2. Tonite Bat has an alert on it for web protections - disabled. I guess I am going to have to go back to 2.0. The only thing I can offer is that we had a very brief power outtage (New England Blizzard) but the system was off. Thanks for a good product but something going on with the latest rev that just isn't making it consistently.
  5. i reinstalled 3.06 -so far so good. I see that I can add an exclusion. Do you think I should add Avira? and if so, which detail. Don't want to put it in the wrong category. Thanks.
  6. Hi - I will try that. Perhaps MB has a conflict with Avira - they both try to load at startup. Perhaps I can do an exclusion for Avira on MB to see if that helps. If not, I'll disable self-protection. Thanks again.
  7. To DCollins - we now have a couple of wrinkles - I uninstalled v3.0 this morning because mwb seemed to be hanging my system up, so the file you said to download, MB3check, will not reflect what is going on. Also, did not deactivate before the uninstall. SO... should I reinstall, run mb3check, deactivate and uninstall??? I don't need anymore issues with this pc. I just paid to get win7 reinstalled and all is working fine - except for our dear mwb. I really like this program but perhaps I should just go back to V2 which I have downloaded. I will await word from you before I do anything else. Thanks very much.
  8. Well, here we go again. Not working this morning. It's been fine for a few then it fails. Web protection not loaded. Is there any way to go back to V2? I really don't want to remove MWB as I feel it is a great protection but it just doesn't work consistently. Thanks.
  9. Did everything I uploaded show any issues? Right now it's working fine again. Hope it continues.
  10. Acting up again. Here are files as requested. 29.01.2017_09.42.04.zip Fixlog.txt
  11. Everything is working fine on a few reboots. Blue bat comes up in systray and does not have a red alert on it. System has not slowed down - which drives me crazy as it does most people, I'm sure. Anyway, all is working fine - I will obviously keep this thread in mind if problems reoccur with mwb. Thanks again,.
  12. Launched fine this morning however after 10 minutes or so, the orange window came up saying updates not current. I opened the program and it said - updates current. I went to the mbam service area but there is no log listed. Mbam service is in the folder you mention but no logs. Is there any other way to get into that area - thru mbam for instance? Otherwise, seems to be happy this morning. Thanks again.
  13. This morning it was dealing me a fit and a first logon this evening. I had to do a manual shut down as it was hung up again. I then rebooted and it has been working fine up to now - about an hour ago I rebooted. I will send along the log if it acts up again. Thanks.
  14. Here is a new ss from this morning. No -- nothing happens when I try update. This morning I ran a scan hoping that would trigger the update but still no deal.
  15. Hi - did as you suggested. Put 3.06 on system late yesterday. However, this morning same issues arise. The orange box with protections disabled came up and then it got stuck when I tried to activate.- little twirly going around and around --- aaargh.... I uninstalled until I hear back from you. Thanks. Don't know why this reply box came up again with my original statement. In order to get screen shot, I will have to reinstall. I'll get back to you with a SS after reinstall if it does it again. Thanks.