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  1. Yep - all set. Thanks again for all you do. 🙂
  2. Since it is a FP it is ok to post it as an exclusion on program. I assume.
  3. Me too. This morning - 4/16...Thanks for attention to this.
  4. - boy nuttin but trouble with this. I do not see this - click on the scope circle in the middle above the word Scanner- At any rate I look in the notifications area on MWB and I exported it to a text file. Here is that-- hope that helps. Thanks very much. cdn.txt
  5. I'm sorry. Also need to know how to do your request. Thanks.
  6. I am attempting an update to the above and MWB has called it out as a trojan - on their forum, the moderator has said it is a false positive - go ahead and install. Not comfortable with doing that. Any thoughts? Thanks as always.
  7. As I recall, there was an update either yesterday or the day before, however, this morning my desktop came up with a "restart required" window. I took care of restart yesterday - just wondering if another one came thru today. Thanks.
  8. Yep - fine -- Win10, Dell Inspiron 5000 series, chrome 79- latest so sez chrome. Yes, I have shut the system down, restarted Chrome. Thanks.
  9. I did as you suggested. Uninstalled, went to Chrome store, reinstalled. Same issue. I am not sure what to do now except not use it. Wish I could. Need all the protection we can get anymore.
  10. So I removed it again.
  11. Well it was working fine. Did the reinstall and now back to slow.
  12. Yes, now it works fine. I'll try a reinstall. Thanks.
  13. I went to extensions and said, "remove" - guess that's not the way to do it. doesn't show up in extensions anymore to add back in. How do I uninstall a piece of MWB protection. In the app itself? Looked at that option but didn't see anything.
  14. Icon there now and asking for reload. When I do reload slowness returns.
  15. I restarted Bing browser but don't see the MWB icon. Maybe I should restart system...
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