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  1. Rootkit scan

    Well. think I'm done with the rootkit process for now. Thanks for link. I will keep for future need.
  2. Rootkit scan

    My own answer - 2 hours.
  3. Rootkit scan

    Knowing that all systems are different, I would just like to know how long this scan should take. Dell Inspiron, AMD Athlon II, 4.00 gb memory, hdd 90% free. It's been running for almost 2 hours now and looks to be only 3/4 completed. Awfully long and don't know how good it is to run such a long scan. So far nothing "bad" has come up in results to now. Thanks very much.
  4. Strange behavior

    Thanks. Will do.
  5. Strange behavior

    When I select rootkits, it ran for 45 minutes and I had to cancel to move on. Is it ok to deselect some things so it doesn't take so long. If not, I'll just run it when I can leave it alone for as long as it takes. Thanks.
  6. Strange behavior

    Don't recall. if that is something I have to select rather than an automatic option, probably not. Would probably be a good idea to do the rootkit thing tho...when I get back on desktop I will do it. MWB is doing a good job protecting my system. Just don't know how to prevent this stuff from happening. So, the MSN site has some embedded malware that I'm picking up?
  7. Strange behavior

    Maybe the updates did something. I put 3 on yesterday afternoon. This a.m. the shutdown occurred and system balked at going back to work. Windows forum guy recommends that I run a mwb scan in safe mode. I ran a scan in normal fashion and it came up with nothing. Do you think a scan in safe mode a good idea? Thanks again.
  8. Strange behavior

    Update sept 14 - same thing happened again this morning. On MSN site - shut itself down after blue box. Started up and after a windows repair attempt which came up on its own, shut it down as it wasn't seeming to do anything. When I started up again, all was working. I guess this is a bsod so I'm going to have to research this and see how to prevent them. Grrrrr.
  9. Strange behavior

    That's sure what it looked like. Gad. Sure glad I have MWB protection. Thanks!!!
  10. Strange behavior

    MWB premium. Was browsing MSN articles this a.m. Suddenly, the screen looked transparent - stalled briefly - turned to black and displayed a small msg box- about 4 inches by 4 inches. Full of small writing the first line of which said, "an error with your system has been detected ... blah blah blah. The screen shut down very quickly so that was all I could read. Thought I was in for a malware attack but now I'm back up and running - all seems fine. Ran a threat scan and nothing came up. Any thoughts.
  11. MWB stubborn on boot and surf

    I dumped my cache and now the surf is faster-that was part of the problem. The boot seems a little slow but not too bad. I always forget to take care of the cache and that does lead to slowdowns. The MWB logo doesn't show up in the sys tray as quickly as it used to but it does eventually show up. I will try the fix you suggested if it bothers me. As long as it is working is my main concern. Thanks again.
  12. I don't know if it's MWB that is causing my slowdowns or what but all was working fine until 3.12 update came along a few days ago. Now it does not show up in sys tray, and everything hangs. I have to reboot and start over again but seems as tho everything has slowed down even after reboot. Once I am on net, system balks at surfing. Anyone else having these problems?
  13. 3.06? and other details

    3.0 continues to act up. One day it's fine and the next day, alert appears. I also think its problems are leading to some instability of my system. I got frustrated and uninstalled it a few minutes ago and now I remember that I should have deactivated it if I was going to install V2. So what next for me? Any help always appreciated. Thanks very much.
  14. 3.06? and other details

    Hi Ron - I uninstalled and reinstalled once again a couple of days ago. All has been fine since then but if things act up again, I will try your suggestion. Thanks.
  15. Deactivate b/f uninstall 3.0

    Well unfortunately it doesn't work as in doesn't start. What is your recommendation? Uninstall and go back to V2? What about the exclusion question. Does that do any good? Thanks.