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  1. http://www.savejapandolphins.org/ Please sign the petition to stop this slaughter.
  2. maxi

    MRU Down ?????

    Thanks exile, No P/L's today
  3. Could sombody check to see if MRU is available please, as I'm not able to access it today. Thanks maxi
  4. It is not advisable to access the internet while in Safe mode because alot of the protection of normal mode is not present in safe mode.
  5. Yes thats ok. I got the same warning from my firewall awhile back and I was told it was part of the installation.
  6. maxi

    ANZAC Day

    One of my favourite songs is about a young man who set of from Sydney to fight in Gallipolli. A really sad but brilliant song. Here are the lyrics. is the song, sung by the pogues from youtube.Enjoy
  7. Thats why the foot man recommended them !!!! If you take my advice you'll never look back
  8. There not really like converse but I think they are the most comfortable shoes I own. A friend of mine had some problem with her back and the shoe people recommended these. Look cool,good for you and colourful , what more do you want
  9. Have a look here , I think that you are the type of girl that likes these. My girlfriend has many pairs and is always getting compliments about them !!!!! coolest around G
  10. Try tigers, there cool and colourful
  11. Thank you for the quick reply . Consider it destroyed
  12. Hi, I did a scan yesterday and Mbam picked these up for the first time. Not sure about the program as I did'nt install it but others could have . I uploaded a few of the files to virus total and they were clean. I have attached a developer scan as required. Regards maxi mbam_dev_scan.zip
  13. Maybe a husband,son,daughter,dog or a cat
  14. Hi mountaintree16, I also use avira free but on xp. I am not having this problem wheather I'm on invisable mode or maximised mode. It sounds like something is stopping the scan from finishing. You should I think sit down and watch a scan and see where it gets terminated. This might point you in the right direction.
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