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  1. The original Ads for 3.0 version stated it was an Antivirus but I see they have walked back that language now and I am glad to see that.
  2. Marcin, That is seriously good news and a great acquisition for you, and hearing it will it be integrated into Mbam's outstanding. Do you plan to allow it to remainb a separate tool also? Rich-M
  3. Actually a good point Dede, and the sad truth is Kaspersky will make you pay up and do the updates, but it won't protect you like this one will either. As I said before I would make the popup screen size and not go away until you make a decision! Simple enough and I do agree the LIFETIME should be a major selling point as that is only for the home user. Business users pay yearly with Malwarebytes. You see this is a great product with only 1 major problem, but that problem is so highly critical and though they are working on it, I don't think they realize the true enormity of this problem!
  4. Hi Ron, Nod 32 and Kaspersky that I had used for years updated programs during the year, though they also occasionally had manual updates where the entire version had to change. I can't really speak for Norton or MacAfee as I have not used them in many years but I do remember when their updates were up, no way the user could not know they were avoiding payment for them! I know what I ask isn't so easy but in the meantime a much bigger more aggressive popup would solve the problem. If need be a popup you have to reply to or it will not go away. Please if you would convey that suggestion to "the powers to be" for me. The thought that choosing not to do an update and saving your system by not doing so just totally escapes me. How would you know not to do it? It makes no sense to me to pay for a program, and then not do updates that if you don't do them, render the program useless. In this age of System Restore that actually works, that whole thought makes even less sense so again I could be quite happy if the popup was more aggressive, much much larger and would not shut off unless the user made a choice to do so. That alone would make them call us and ask what to do if they didn't know!!!!
  5. I know that Ron, but this has been going on for over a year. Norton, Pc Cillan and MacAfee sure can do this right as software, but they can't deal with the threats unfortunately and this issue has been dragging around for over a year now. What is the big deal? There is a setting to auto update and install program updates that does absolutely nothing. Why not call Symantec and pay them to tell you how to effect that change? Or buy an engineer from MacAfee or Pc Cillan. My goodness the programs are useless, but you sure know when they are out of date! Can you make your notifications 15 times their size so they cover the entire screen and won't go away until the program updates are done? Avira sure can tell you how to do that! How about the way the free program for Mbam works. If you don't update it you can't use it. Why not incorporate that feature into it? This doesn't seem to be "rocket science" to me Ron!
  6. Malwarebytes Pro...newest and any and it never auto updates program updates, only definitions. That is checked though in "Settings," "Updater Settings" but it does not happen.
  7. I am a Malwarebytes Reseller and I would bet over the last year I have sold about 120 licenses. The program gets better and better in some respects, especially keeping users away from infected sites. But almost every one of my users misses program updates on a regular basis and I don't know why, I just wish the program updates were automatic like the definition updates, because I leave them memos designed to remind them to look for program updates as well as explain it to them when installing it and yet no one ever seems to catch them and as a result their systems are always infected. I am looking as hard as I can to find another program as effective to replace Malwarebytes and cannot seem to find one. Does anyone here have a method that works where their customers see the updates? I am at my wits end with this product and it's pathetic ability to solve this problem.
  8. I just went there and logged in and nothing happened. Norton is useless as I said, probably showing you a false positive.
  9. Don't believe it I have been using Paltalk for years and never had such an issue, now I do remove Paltalk from Startup as I don't want it running all the time. Norton is useless softeware IMHO.
  10. Hi Ron, Long time no speak! If we make the distinction between version updates and program updates (where the entire version changes) I would agree with you, but we are talking about simple program updates which all Antivirus programs I have ever used include automatically. When we move to a new version, well that is another story. My point is we have users who pay money for a product to protect them. Antispyware programs can only remove what they can identify where an Antivirus program can remove something because of suspicious behavior we call heuristics and that is even adjustable in most programs. When the client starts to fall 2 versions back by missing these pathetic little prompts this program gives, and their computers are infected, then it becomes the software company's fault that this happens. I am going to answer your specific questions above by moving down those items down here in a minute and you will be surprised to note almost all of what you suggest, are easy to keep users from making those mistakes and most do them correctly. So if the program updates are missed by clients who have learned to update java, not go to porn sites etc....then why is it if the update notices are so obvious I can't get nearly any of 300 people to do that right? It has to be that Mbam does not make enough of an effort to make folks aware of these changes. And the person is paying for Mbam to protect than from malware and wants the software to do it all by itself. It is so damn confusing after telling them the program auto updates but not everything is automatic because...this is stupid, it is unnecessary because these clients could care less if you changed their pc's every day of the week yourself as long as they stay malware free! list=1][*]Are your users surfing and reading email, etc on a LIMITED USER ACCOUNT? {probably not, which all security sites recommend} NO [*]Are ALL the Windows Security Updates applied and kept up to date including out of cycle updates? {probably not, which all security sites recommend} YES [*]Are ALL plugins and Browsers up to date (flash, acrobat, java, etc, etc...) ? YES almost 100% do that now. [*]Is the user running a good Anti-Virus that is updated daily and set to scan at least once a week? YES [*]Is MBAM setup to update rules daily and set to scan at least once a week? Actually set up to scan daily and update first [*]Is there a bi-directional firewall in place without excessive permissive rules? YES [*]Are they using P2P or other risky software? NO [*]Are they surfing WaRez sites? or Game Cheat sites? NO [*]Are they surfing porn sites? NO [*]Does the customer every temporarily disable AV or MBAM to check something out? NO they would not know how. [*]Do they click on attachments in email from friends yet not really knowing what it is they're opening? NO Almost 100% of my clients know all the above....
  11. I have always set that but I assume that is for definition updates which is not what I am talking about. I want to know how to get Mbam to automatically download and install program updates, the way any commercial Antivirus program now does without prompting the user to do so. What I have found is that almost all of my 300+ clients never manage to see these and apply them and are almost always infected a few months after I see them because of that.
  12. To be quite frank, I did so months ago and the answers I got, were basically I didn't know what I was talking about and there is no problem. The one answer I got here so far excels the customer support I got and only a few hours has passed.
  13. Something has been concerning me for a long time with Malwarebytes. I am a reseller and I am constantly going back to clients months later and finding that Malwarebytes program is not updated and I don't know how they are missing these program updates. I have tried everything with them to stop this from happening because without the program updates, the definition updates don't mean much. I have noticed something in program settings which makes no sense to me. "Under "Settings", "Updater Settings" I notice that "download and install program updates when available" and "notify me when a program is ready for installation" are both checked by default and that seems to be a contradiction. I wonder if we uncheck "notify me when a program is ready for installation", if the program update will then do what the first check states and simply install the program update after auto downloading it. I think this program would be so much more effective if we didn't ask inexperienced users to manually ok program updates.
  14. Well actually the client with the issue has an even worse view problem than the other one has so he likely does have the more of an issue with dropping packets.
  15. That's fine I will swap out the product for the client myself....at least we have an answer! Interestingly I do have a client on Hughes Net who does not have this problem so there has to be another "wrinkle" here!
  16. I think this is the answer, any idea how to fix it?
  17. Interesting development is one of the moderators found a similar problem with a person on another forum and she is using satellite (Wild Blue) so that could well be the answer!!!!
  18. Well thanks for your help but my client had an issue with Sas a few years ago where trial version kept coming up expired when he owned Professional and he remembers all the permissions and uninstalls etc we went through and does not want to start that again as nothing worked then and involved many service calls. I basically think if I needed to set permissions every time I installed a program, I would move on as well and the conflicts I have been seeing lately with Mbam and various AV programs has me searching for another alternative as well and good as Mbam is, I am going to move on here as well searching for another product for this client. Thanks again!
  19. I will for sure as I'll see the client towards the end of next week!
  20. I am using free Avira so FW is not relevant but I did not set up permissions in Avira, I have never had to do that in 200+ installations, but it makes sense and I did run mbam clean.exe. I will try all that and your thoughts for a clean install on an appointment next week, many thanks!!!
  21. I have a client I installed Mbam on who is new to broadband after recently moving from dialup to satellite (all that is available to him) and he has Windows Vista installed on a 3 yr old Dell desktop. I have Avira free Antivirus installed and Malwarebytes Pro. Every 3 days we get the following message: "the current database is not supported by Malwarebytes. Please download the latest version of the program". We do that, update it and then then 3 days later it happens all over again. I have run Combofix, and Gmer and am convinced it is not infected as they don't find anything. Is there a known conflict between Avira and Mbam or any other program that might cause this. Any other ideas? Thanks for any ideas as I am desperate here.
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