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  1. Thanks! I've been surfing since 1997 and I have NEVER (until the last few months) just had a random "ALERT ALERT WARNING" fake antivirus malware just pop up out of no where and start on my computer and with EACH and EVERY case, I goggled the name of the virus and found removal instructions which ALWAYS included Malwarebytes. Since the first malware I got, I've since had the free version on my computer. I'm in no way a computer expert (at least I don't think I am) but was able to remove it via instructions. This last one really freaked me out because when I tried to boot into safe mode, I couldn't (it was gone)......This last time I was reading a review and had been on the site for a while and was just "idle" on the page when suddenly this thing just popped up. Crazy!
  2. HI So I'm pretty good with keeping my computer clean, defragged, ccleaner, malwarbytes (free) up to date, Avast (free) up to date and my 4 year old computer is still very fast! In the past 5 months, I have had (3) Viruses or Malware.....To me, they were viruses....But anyway......The first was called Malware defense....It just popped up on my computer as I was surfing the net out of no where......I forget the name of the second one......then I just got another one...... The one I just got came from a link I clicked on Googling washer/dryer reviews???I was able to get it off pretty easily thanks to googling instructions.....This brings me to my question.....Had I had the PAID version of Malwarebytes which offers real time security, would it have stopped this from happening? I figured anti virus would catch it. It STOPS Malwarebytes from even being able to be used to get the thing off........which makes me wonder....If I get another one of these rogue malware, will it not even be able to get on my computer if it's recognized by Malwarebytes? I have 2 personal computers. Do I need to pay twice for each computer or is it a lifetime for your computer(S)? Thanks
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