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  1. Here goes EITCC_LinearBlur.zipI notice with google this filename seems to mostly come up in the context of someones MBAM log I cannot find original installer to compare file, and the same full software version seems not on http://www.oldversion.com/ACDSee.html either _SetupCasino.zipI also found this on an older partition of archived stuff which appears to be the installer as it was originally downloaded without the "_" but otherwise looks identical to me: SetupCasino.zip
  2. I am new to MBAM and find it has flagged up 3 files that other scanners have not warned me about. Is any of the below FP? 1) I did find previous mention of the .dll but no solution, is it really trojan? My file seems the same as http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?s..._LinearBlur.dll 2) I want to properly uninstall the casino game but using add/remove would mean running the same .exe with -u, but is it containing a dangerous trojan to run? Maybe I have some version of this http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?s...SetupCasino.exe but was probably originally downloaded from //banner.bet
  3. I have FP issues but cannot do the recommended mbam.exe /developer logs, because when I run it that way it does this error and immediately exits: <screenshot removed> Swandog46 It did actually run the first time I tried /developer, until I did an update, then it gave a similar error and crashed. Now it crashes immediately if started /developer, but still runs fine started normally. Help appreciated.
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