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  1. I had the same malware byte did report some off the VShost.exe in my visual studio folder
  2. Something new : I started watching more at my firewall to see what is downlaoding all this. When I was just surfing at the net I saw Mozilla downloading at 3.5 MB/s (+- Maximum I can have here). I unplugged my internet conenction. And waited a second. And plugged in again. I renewed the pages to see if the problem was there , no , Mozilla didn't go over 1 kb/s this time.
  3. I didn't contact them yet because I think the problem is at my pc cause Bitdefender 'confirms' it -> firewall said I received +- 7.4 GB
  4. As I see at my providers wesbite (Telenet) I used 7.624Mb (+7GB). The only thing is : I didn't download anything(only an update at start up from MBAM). I watched some movies at youtube. Went to facebook ... but i didn't download for 7.624 MB. I checked this at Bitdefender under firewall : Sended bytes = 7.4 GB. Also when i'm surfing on the web for 20 / 30 minutes my internet starts to slow down , (it just stops working for 5 a 10 minutes -> can't go to any site). Is there any explanation for this and or solution? TY
  5. My apologies krisgeek think i overreacted
  6. Did you check if Mcafee didn't quartined it?
  7. Sorry for double post but just realized , wouldn't it be nice if there was a counter on the site???
  8. I'm talking about advanced system OPTIMIZER not care , it's a product from systweak (If you were talking to me )
  9. Advanced system optimizer , I love this program and much better then tune up.
  10. That was already solved by buttons (shadow copies) these maps only slowed down MBal , MSe , ...
  11. He is a Honorary Members that's why he gots his hands on it earlier
  12. Ty , they are gone now , but I did delete in the following folder : " D:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1236073407-2097119279-2900756359-1001 " where they were located . Greetz Jelle
  13. One more question before i'll do that , doesn't the recycle bin contains file from a hidden administrator or something like that cause i don't want to mess with that.
  14. Sorry i went faster then i thought i would go , you can find it in the attachment , nothing found? report.html
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