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  1. This is the address in my address bar...is this the wrong website?
  2. I am on http://download.cnet.com/windows/3055-8022_4-1080457.htr It seems that malwarebytes' anti-malware is running a scan (on mom's pc). So far it has scanned for 46 minutes, scanned over 60 thousand objects on a FULL scan, and no objects this far are infected.
  3. Hi, I am new to this site. I tried to open a Sponge Bob video that was sent to me on Facebook. It wouldn't open and read that I needed an update. I fell for it, since I was using a new pc, I wasn't sure if she had the adobe/acrobat and tried to install the thing! Now, I keep getting the messages that my computer is infected, and it runs a fake scan. Any anti-virus site that I attempt is blocked by this virus. Her (my mom's) computer does not have a disk drive--I read somewhere to download Spyware removal to a disk then transfer it to her pc. Also I tried to do a reset to a date before she had the virus but, all the dates were gone except the date her pc was infected!! GRrrr. Please help me? I am not very good with computers or the lingo, so be gentle? Thank you in advance, Tasha
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