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  1. I really hope command line support comes back in a future version (and soon)....I really enjoyed customizing my mbam installs. I have paid licenses for the pro version and I really enjoyed tweaking the installer to my liking...I often wipe/reinstall my os's for testing so it made it handy to do quick installs of my favorite apps.
  2. Yes, I mean this, but not only this. As far as I know even the automatic scheduled updates will not run unless an admin is logged in. I want to be able to run updates both automatically and manually without requiring admin permissions.
  3. Please allow non-admins to update definitions. Thanks
  4. This is awesome news!!! This has probably already been answered (I just want another confirmation). I'm already a corporate customer so will MEE be a free upgrade? Thanks again, Stephen Rechtman Newman Library Virginia Tech
  5. I'm trying to tweak my unattended script for work and it's almost perfect. Just a couple issues I'm having. 1. Is there any way to make this completely silent? mbamgui.exe /startalways /silent When that runs it still shows a popup box which you have to click on. It either says that "it's now protecting your system" or "it's already running". In both cases you have to click ok on the dialogue box to make it go away. I would like to be able to hide this window if possible. 2. This command requires an active internet connection to work correctly start /wait mbam.exe /update -silent If no internet connection is available then you get a popup dialogue box with an error. I would like this box to be hidden as well even if no internet connection is available. (I've actually gotten around this issue with a dirty batch file using a ping test, but if there is a better way then obviously I would choose it.) If these features can be implemented in a future version that would be awesome....or if they are available now could you please share how to implement them? Thanks Stephen srecht82@vt.edu corporate customer
  6. Newman Library @ Virginia Tech is a fan
  7. EDIT......LOL Sorry Rubber Ducky....I just now read your post about sending you a PM....sorry about that. Glad you guys are staying busy.
  8. I have emailed the corporate email a few times now. I really need a reply back asap. We are ready to purchase 150 licenses, but I need some details from you first. My director keeps asking me the status and until I hear back from you I cannot tell him anything. Thanks, Stephen Rechtman Newman Library, Systems Dept. Virginia Tech University srecht82@vt.edu
  9. I was in the same boat. I requested a quote 3 or 4 different times using the online form, but I emailed the corporate address and got a reply back within 24 hours. I work in the library at Virginia Tech and we would really like to have this on all our staff machines.
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