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  1. Same problem, Win7 64 SP1; svchost popping up every 20 seconds. Zynthesist, will we be notified when problem is fixed?
  2. Got some excellent help today from Tom Mercado, rapid response, problem solved. I work with a lot of different antivirus products, and I can tell you that the companies charging big annual $$$ re-registration don't do nearly as well.
  3. I used to send users to cnet for safe downloads, till I found that they were taking the ad links as malwarebytes download links and getting all sorts of junk installed in place of malwarebytes (and other products). I have definitely seen a bogus registry cleaner download from a link with a big malwarebytes text right beside it, as if they were actually trying to mislead the user.
  4. I have checked with downloadhelper people. is the server hosting their pics and forums. That IP address is probably caught by a range filter that includes multiple addresses. On DLH confirmation, I have added that IP to my MBAM ignore list, and the DLH website loads normally. Our conversation can be seen on twitter: search for @Hogwaump and @DownloadHelper.
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