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  1. Hello MalwareBytes, Any progress on the management console? Kind regards
  2. I hope I get invited as beta tester. Looking forward to see the management console and the new version.
  3. Any release date yet? And how is it progressing? Any screenshots yet? Kind regards
  4. Is there any progress on the manager? Kind regards
  5. Is the management console already available for public testing?
  6. Does htat mean there is a management console? Where can I find it and test it?
  7. I meant the future Management Console.
  8. If it would run on Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) it would be even better
  9. I have not received any response yet from corporate@malwarebytes.org. Can you contact them regarding this matter? Kind regards.
  10. Ok thank you. I have send them an e-mail. Kind regards
  11. Is there a way to add some kind of management console that you can install on a server, to manage all the clients in the network? So that you would have the following benefits: * Remotely start a scan * Remotely schedule a scan * Prohibit the user from making changes to (some) settings * Install the program remotely to a client PC * See if all clients have the same database, and which of them needs to upgrade * Let the clients update their database via the internal server, so that when you have a lot of clients, they all don't have to get the updates from the internet, but from the internal se
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