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  1. I have not been on for 20+ years since I moved to an apartment. Not the same as 55' crank up and KW. Have a 2 mtr talkie and FT-897 which I never use. People are hoping the new cycle brings back some good propagation. Don't believe it will beat 1957 anyway.
  2. I had trouble with LastPass and Wells Fargo Bank / Fidelity Investments. So went crazy looking for WHY. In the end Wells Fargo changed their login security which LastPass did not like. So went looking for a new password manager after 2 others I settled on Keeper which had crazy sites searched. Most of them pushed an 'app' and I wanted a 'real' installation program. Finally got everything straightened out and Keeper is working ok except for some passwords stored. Getting TOO old for this crap !!!!
  3. Since Lastpass caused me problems, I changed to Keeper. Could Browser guard cause a problem. Just thought I would ask for the hell of it even though I don't believe it could.
  4. Not 100% sure so wait for someone else to confirm. You can open it in Notepad or a similar program and see what is in it. I don't believe that will 'run' it.
  5. I have seen this a number of times. Could it be a path to server problem ?
  6. Most of the problems with 10 is caused by users. My 4 run fine without problems. You have to work with 10 and not against it.
  7. The Registry consists of many small pieces of information. That is why it grows like that. MBM only looks in certain places in the Registry.
  8. Blue Screens with no information is useless. Do you have Automatically Restart enabled ? I never had a blue screen since day one.
  9. Getting it on Fox News. Other reports in MBAM forum with different browsers.
  10. Happens with Chrome on Fox news
  11. My network changes from Private to Public. Have to check next time it happens. Probably will not now !!!!
  12. May have explained a problem I have been having. Thanks
  13. The one time I had this problem with my first old license, I asked that my license code be changed which MB did. You would have to go through support for this.
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