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  1. I had the same problem. My solution (in windows 7) was to right click on the Malwarbytes Icon and run as administrator. Give that a try.
  2. I followed the instructions, as given and the task scheduler is working properly. When the time came for the next scheduled update, I experienced the same problem. The task scheduler shows that the task was completed, but Malwarebytes was not updated. Additional information I am using a non administrative user account in Windows 7 and whenever I use the software I am required to click on run as administrator, first. If I do not click on run as administrator I am not able to update. The box run scheduled tasks minimized is not checked. Am I correct in assuming, that when checked, this allows an
  3. I help out at another tech support website and they have a rep system. If a poster likes the help received, they give rep points. The longer a member the more points that they can give. I know that it makes me feel special to get those one or two rep points, it completes the feeling of satisfaction that I get after helping. You gave me a quick and helpful answer, I wanted to be sure that you experienced the same satisfaction that I like to feel when I help. Thanks.
  4. TY for the quick response. I went to the Task Scheduler and noted that the update was made. I will wait till tomorrow and see what happens. I commented on your quick and helpful advice.
  5. I received a quick and helpful answer regarding the update schedule.

  6. I installed the pay version of MB, last night at about 10PM. I set automatic update for 3PM. At about 4PM, I had to update manually. Any comments or suggestions? In addition, in another forum there is a procedure to give points for a good answer. Is there any method here to show appreciation?
  7. Two more questions: How can I get access to the Data Base? I am a member of another forum. When a good answer is received there is a way to give thank you and points to the one that anwsers, anything similiar, here?
  8. I just joined, today, because of a problem, but I had trouble installing, too. I however have Windows 7. My problem was that I had to run as administrator, to install. I do not know if there is something similiar in XP. If you have an administrator account, install from there.
  9. TY for the quick reply, Tony. Yes, I updated and My Way still comes up as positive. Its funny, that was the first page I went to after downloading the pay version of Malwarebytes. Fortunately, no other problems a other sites.
  10. I have just acquired the MB. The first page that I went to (My Home Page) turned up as a false positive. Please remove it from the positive list. This is a well know page.
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