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  1. Hi FinnishSaint, Have you ever visited update.microsoft.com from Firefox or any other browser. It would ask you to use IE to visit the page, But after installing IE tab add-on. Just type update.microsoft.com in the address bar and hit enter, Watch the magic. I have IE8 but hate it, i use Flock to update windows It also adds open in IE tab to the Firefox rightclick menu. PC tools browser defender scans the websites you visit for malicious content. Turns red with an X if malicious content is found in a website. Web Of Trust (WOT) shows website ratings such as poor/unsatisfactory/good/excellent. It is based on user ratings, but in most cases very accurate Another add-on i forgot to mention is Roboform AI toolbar It is automatically installed in compatible browsers when you install the Roboform AI program. A master password is required to use the toolbar in the browser, you can save passcards for websites you login to. This is handy in case multiple users access the same computer, protects passwords. Multiple accounts in the same website can be used as well, just use "Add a new passcard"
  2. My current list of add-ons in Flock (a clone of Firefox 3.0) Security: Better Privacy PC tools Browser Defender No script WOT Keyscrambler Download helpers: Fast youtube downloader Flashgot Unplug (havent used it much) Miscellaneous: Fastest fox Paste email original URL shrink easy IE tab (useful for windows updates) Forecast fox
  3. :-) No, Begbodyguard, i was actually talking about what Laurie209 had said,: " Hi I know I personally use Registry Cure it really works to clean out your registry and make it work great again! If you don't want to pay there is a program called Advanced System Care that my son uses and really seems to like. I know that a lot of people probably don't like it but my son has had no issues using it." BTW, I do know about systweak, their Advanced System Protector and Advanced system Optimizer are quite popular.
  4. Advanced System Care is a product of IObit. After what they did to Malwarebytes i wouldnt touch one of IObit's products with a ten foot pole, nuff said
  5. Have you tried using other browsers like Firefox or Opera? Do they work on the security software websites you try to visit?
  6. OA's program guard and Comodo's defence++ come with their firewall, since i already have NIS 2010 i cant install another firewall
  7. Quoting from Javacool website SpywareBlaster provides protection for your favorite web browser(s): Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Netscape Seamonkey Flock K-Meleon and browsers that use the IE engine, including: AOL web browser Avant Browser Slim Browser Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) Crazy Browser GreenBrowser
  8. No way, XP is the best. I wont give up on XP. Maybe if Microsoft offer a free upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 LOL ;-D
  9. WOT - Provides security ratings for websites Open DNS- A free service that is supposed to keep you secure Spywareblaster - Immunizes all the browsers you have against known malicious websites IE8 Smartscreen- Absolutely no idea, since i use IE8 only for Windows updates If you are using Firefox or one of its clones, try PC tools Browser Defender
  10. Happy Birthday :-) God bless ya
  11. Happy Birthday :-) God bless ya
  12. Happy Birthday :-) God bless ya
  13. Happy Birthday :-) God bless ya
  14. Glary utilities is very good. Im using the pro version, but the free version should be good enough
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