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  1. For heavens sake, all upgrades should migrate the scheduling of the current installation. I have installed Malwarebytes Pro on most computers that I support and have been flooded with more than 100 calls about the scheduled scans were lost and the new version frequently popping up about database out of date. It is scaring the hell out of users. This is a lot of work for me that I cannot bill for.
  2. OK, thanks. I thought the blogger "expert" was writing about something she had no real knowledge about.
  3. Be very careful. Many infections disable Task Manager. The worst infections are the ones that allow you to use the Internet as normal. They may be logging your login information and scanning your files.
  4. The news forum has many posts about the recommendations in the news to disable JAVA because of a widely announced exploit. The problem is that none of these posts mention anything about Malwarebytes' protection against this exploit. I saw a blog this morning saying "you are protected if you ae running Malwarebytes Pro" but the lady gave no testing support for her comment.
  5. 6. Many antivirus engines use GMER as their rootkit detector. Avast is one of them. So if you have a good antivirus program running, you probably do not need GMER too. As for features gained by upgrading to Malwarebytes Pro, there is a good list here - - http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free
  6. Many of the defrag programs such as Auslogics has this feature. It would be nice. Malwarebytes can wake a computer to perform a scan so shutting it down afterwards would be appropriate.
  7. http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_pro#features The feature page for Malwarebytes Pro says: Toolbox - Extra utilities to help remove malware manually There is a tab titled "More Tools" which has listed FileASSASSIN for several years but nothing else. So just where are these extra utilities?
  8. Even for the consumer Pro version, it would be great to be able to set the updater to update the program on Saturday at 2:00 AM if an update is available. This way the progrtam updates when no one is using the computer and the user simply restarts the system the next morning.
  9. I would like to see an option to schedule program updates for Malwarebytes. The current update scheduler seems to only update the definition file but not the program itself. It would be great to be able to set separate schedules for each.
  10. Malwarebytes Pro recently updated to new program version on my family computer. After the update, it said the ID and Key Code were invalid and reverted to a trial installation. I launched a trouble ticket here and was issued a new ID and Key Code as if I made a new purchase. I entered the new info and Malwarebytes Reactivated - - - for now. I have a computer business that does consulting, design, and repair. I have over a hundred customers who bought Malwarebytes Pro on my recommendation, and I installed and configured it for them. I wonder how many of them have this same problem and do not even know it. Most of them would not know how to request a new ID and Key Code or how to reactive their installation. Does anyone know how often this is happening or how to prevent it? P.S. I am not a Malwarebytes reseller. I applied a couple of years ago and, after over a month wait, was told that my account could only be "provisionally approved" though that status was never explained to me except that my purchase price would be more than I was paying other resellers.
  11. It now says I have 9 days remaining on the trial. I do have a commercial computer and understand that the Malwarebytes license on those must be renewed annually; however, this problem is with my family computer which is suppose to have a lifetime license. When updating to the latest version, Malwarebytes should not lose the license information.
  12. Well, maybe this will get resolved next week. I purchased Malwarebytes several years ago so did not expect my license to expire like this. At least it is not my primary security program.
  13. Thanks I did. Event viewer shows: MBAMService 2012/07/12 18:18:09 -0400 OFFICE-PC Doug ERROR StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed with error code 1063
  14. I did an update to the Malwarebytes Pro program today which required a computer restart. After restarting, Malwarebytes generated Error: 2. I closed the popup error message and launched Malwarebyte's manually. The update launched as a trial. When I enteredd my ID and license code, it rejected it saying that it is invalid. Well, it is the very same ID and code that I have used since I purchased it in 2008 so why does it not work now? i am copying the code from the Cleverbridge receipt. I tried downloading Malwarebytes and reinstalling but it made no difference.
  15. That is good to know. I have seen that behavior before and wondered about it. I highly recommend including your explanation in the program documention.
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