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  1. Title says it. Latest version - select a single report, click Trash can and follow prompt, the report is not deleted. Select the 3 dots and Delete all, and none are deleted. Verified with another user, same problem on her machine with latest version. Ran Support Tool yesterday, didn't fix.
  2. No way will I agree with that. Frankly, that's an old cop-out warning from decades ago. NOBODY closes all open programs before installing and uninstalling things anymore. Yet just about every program (except the Support Tool!) says too - most people don't even know what programs are running with Windows. And regardless, if necessary, one should not assume all already know it will happen. That said, I was wrong above. The prompt to reboot does say to save all your work. My bad there. But there is no option to Reboot later. It is Ok or X and the X forces a reboot. I feel this warnin
  3. The Support Tool fixed mine too. And for the record, I don't have and never have had Webroot or Comodo on this system. And BTW, not happy with how that Support Tool provides no option to "Reboot Later". All you get is Reboot now. If you click the X to close that prompt box, the system reboots whether you have saved any open docs and "gracefully" exited any open programs, or not. Fortunately, Word had saved a draft of the large document I was working on. And the new Edge restored all my open tabs. And it gives no warning that all our user customizations will be reset back to the ou
  4. Same problem here. System tray app is running. Right-click on system tray icon shows all 4 functions are "On". MBAMService is running. Select Open Malwarebytes (or Check for Updates) and mouse icon spins, goes away, then nothing - Malwarebytes does not open. Double-click System tray icon and same results, Malwarebytes does not open. Rebooting does not resolve problem. Same problem noted by at 3 other very experienced Malwarebytes users on another site. All using W10. Problems seen on PCs and laptops. @Petebo - I did not see this 30 days ago but I quickly add I rarely open Mal
  5. There's a big difference between what you "think" and what several countries already have actual, verified evidence of what Kaspersky did and what the Russian government did and is still doing. But that's for a different discussion.
  6. Best known? Ummm, not hardly. And best known does not equal best or even suggest good quality. And frankly, I would not let Kaspersky near any of my systems. The product may be good but the company cannot be trusted.
  7. I think he is saying he want some button for users to click to disable WD.
  8. Why should that be the default? IMO, that makes no sense. No one should ever disable Windows Defender UNLESS they choose to install an alternative anti-malware solution - just as you did. And when users do that, Windows Defender automatically and gracefully steps aside, just as it did with you.
  9. Great. Glad that worked. And note you don't have to make any other changes, unless you just want to. WD in its default settings works perfectly well for the vast majority of users. And when used along with Malwarebytes, you can be even more confident you are protected. Of course this assumes you keep Windows current, and are not "click-happy" on unsolicited links, downloads, attachments and popups - necessary precautions regardless which security software you use.
  10. Windows Defender is a great complementary program to use with Malwarebytes. It is real easy to get both running together. Just open the Malwarebytes main control panel and click on Settings. From the Applications tab, scroll down to the Windows Action Center section and tick "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". That will tell Windows Defender to keep running. I believe Windows Defender will automatically start right then, but if not, you may have to reboot. But then you should be good to go.
  11. You should uncheck that Public Network box if you never take your computer out of your home.
  12. I am having the same issue (Web Protection turned off) on 3 different systems in the last two days. All Windows 10 64-bit, two Pro one Home. All with Windows Defender. Malwarebytes version Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version 1.0.3798 This is not just affecting Malwarebytes. Since these issues started, my browser (Pale Moon) has locked up several times, Task Manager did not open properly, then entire desktop locked, forcing me to reboot to clear. Since exiting Malwarebytes, I have had no other issues. Computer and browser is working perfec
  13. I am having the same problem - 3 different machines in the last two days. I do NOT have Avast installed. 3.3.1 premium
  14. It is scary enough you are still running XP. More scary you are only at SP2. And scarier still XP's firewall is disabled since it was enabled by default starting with XP SP2. Even though the Windows Firewall way back in XP was a rudimentary inbound-only firewall, it was much much better than using no firewall at all. XP SP2 came out in 2004. SP3 was released in 2008 and that was the last major update for XP. All support for XP ended in 2014. This means Microsoft stopped fixing bugs and most importantly stopped developing security patches and updates 4 years ago. The bottom line is t
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