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  1. yeah, the site loaded fine for me too, however there was an ip address being blocked... i thought maybe it might be to do with adverts on the page or something and being as it is a reputable site that it may be a false positive. from looking at other posts though i realise that it is not the website but the domain or whatever it is, however i have never had the ip balloon pop for toms hardware before so just thought i would bring it to your attention, again i know that MBAM updates are frequent so maybe it has already been ironed out, unfortunately i didn't make a note of the database definiti
  2. when trying to acces certain new links on toms hardware, MBAM reported that it successfully blocked a malicious ip address, I blanked the addresses out below just in case, these are the direct sites to the new articles hxxp://www.tomshardware.co.uk/gf100-fermi-egg-frying-gtx-480,news-33106.html hxxp://www.tomshardware.co.uk/eyefinity-6-bad-company-dirt-radeon-5870,news-33105.html additionally, after looking on the log file to obtain the ip address i noticed that it had disabled for a second and turned itself back on... will this be ok? considering that MBAM has been attempting to block this sp
  3. same problem, however i have litterally just reformatted my hard disks and reinstalled windows... plus unplugged my internet untill all my security software was installed... have only used the internet to update windows 7 64bit and update my trusty security software!
  4. Hey, I have just recently purchased the full version of malwarebytes and i am very pleased. i just wondered if the program when it is running in the try blocks bad downloads? or if it is just ip addressed Thanks a lot rob
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