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  1. Could you explain what that means in plain English? I have no idea what IAC IP Space refers to. Why doesn't excite.com load and why do I get a I66.235.126.68 blocked indication? Tnx
  2. I believe this may be excite.com...........Is this a correct block? If not please fix...tnx
  3. I have recently been having a lot of problems with XP Security Tool 2010 (malware). Up till now I have been using the free version of Malwarebytes Anti Malware. I used Trojan_fakerean_exe_fix.reg to re-establish executable associations and remove offending files. Purchased the full version of Malwarebytes AM, registered and updated, then ran full scan successfully, no infections found. While things seem to be going fine I have seen quite a few reported attempts at contact. The following is a parital list of potetially malicious websites. First I was wondering if there was a way to id these websites so I might know who is attempting to enter ? Next I couldn't ever get to my hoomepage excite.com, I believe that blocked site is in fact my homepage. Is it possible that a site like excite,com could be infected, or am I missing something ? tnx............Sam
  4. I am running winxp home, sp3, using the built in firewall windows provides. I have been infected and reinfected so many times by XP Security Tool 2010, I am ready to pay what the hijakers want just to have peace of mind. I have used various programs to re-establish my link to my exe files and run the free version of Malwarebytes only to be reinfected again. First, I need help. Secondly will the full version of Malwarebytes AM take an active roll in preventing reinfection? Oh so disgusted.
  5. I had hoped for as quick a response as before. Not getting one I went to Lowes Hardware hoping I might accomplish something today. Coming back to the PC I was able to find the following: Go To www.dougknox.com In the left hand column, click WinXP fixes Then in the list that comes up, click File Association fixes Then in the next list that appears, click EXE File Association Fix It worked for me.....Phew Thank God for small miracles...
  6. okay, so I went to SAFE Mode, ran a full scan with Malwarebytes free version. xp internet security warnings are no longer occuring, however I have in fact lost all my .exe associations. upon attempting to remake those associations, checking always use this program, I am able to access most programs, upon trying to call up program a second time there is no association. FYI I attempted to remove malware prior to reading Administrator Miekiemoes response to my question. I apologize for butting into another topic. I honestly didn't expect such a fast response. I am prepared to listen (before acting) Help !!!!! Sam
  7. do I understand correctly, the free version will not remove xp internet security 2010 malware ? also, rather than change the .exe files to .com, wouldnt going to SAFE Mode to run Malewarebytes work ?
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