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  1. I was reporting the SAME issue as u folks did... the log posted was AFTER I had run the database update15.1 which did fix the InstallMate issue... see my post from a few minutes ago... should explain all..
  2. You are aboslutely correct. Sorry for the "false alram"... After a decent nite's sleep (needed badly) I ran MB again and removed those PUP detections and all is now good. Those files have been on my system for some time and after last nite's database it suddenly reported them (had not with prior database update afew hours earlier). All that coupled with the false positive an hour or so earlier and lack of sleep contributed to the 'perfect storm'.. <grin Al
  3. I just updated the database to 2031.08.15.1 and things are now MUCH WORSE... Now indicates 27 lines Looks differentr than the earlier one.. perhaps not a false positive??? Al MBAM-log-2013-08-14 (22-11-30).txt
  4. Just started reporting a bunch of InstallMate files... I am sure there has been a database update since this was reported.... Where do we go from here?
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