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  1. Wow, I submitted a request over a week ago for pricing on a tech license. Looks like there is still a lag in response for corp licenses.
  2. @Firefox, thanks for understanding, I was not trying to ruffle feathers. As for me being a tech and using Malwarebytes. Our antivirus program is crap when it comes to malware and we are currently testing a few applications to see which one is the most effective and the hope is, once we find one that suits are needs we will deploy it atleast to the group of people I support. I did not know there was such thing as a tech license. I personally love Malwarebyes and I did send an email to see about getting one of these license for myself. I am a big supporter of Malwarebytes and I hope that my company does decide to license and install Malwarebytes.
  3. Thank you for your response. I just took offense at how he responded. I am new to the forums, and whether Trusted Advisors have a crystal ball or not to see whats coming down the pipeline thats fine, but to in my opinion make me feel like my suggestion is worthless, and not important is wrong. Firefox I am sorry if I read how you were coming across wrongly, I am not, whats the word I am looking for, oh I cant think right now, but I honestly want that feature. Things at times can be low on the priority list because they may feel its something that would be good, but would the feature be used enough to warrant the development cost. What better way to know what your consumer wants than let them tell you, which is what I did. I have been using Malwarebytes for a few years. Its the ONLY malware program that I rely on and trust. I ALWAYS wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I talk to. Adaware use to be a great program, but once that stopped working, I looked for a replacement program to use and glad I found malwarebytes. I am very well aware that many sophisticated malwares would prevent it from running on a USB as well, but as a tech, I would like to be able to plug my usb drive into a machine and run MBAM to try to get rid of the malware. For most of the malwares I have encountered there are things you can do to get malwarebyes to run. I only found one recently that I threw in the towel and gave up running malwarebytes, it affected how it ran and would give false negatives even though I know the computer was infected. A portable usb version would be most helpful for techs such as myself and I know I read somewhere that Malwarebytes is working on a new version for corporate clients and I would not mind seeing Malware come out with a professional version that cost money that included the portable method. I like to keep infected machines off the network. If I could plug my usb into my computer and then run MBAM and run the update then put it into the infected computer and run it, that would be such a lifesaver. But again, I know my suggestion is low on the totum pole and not a high priority for Malwarebyes, so what I just said is pointless...
  4. I know that currently you cannot run MBAM from a USB key. Thats why I posted something in the comments and suggestions. Its a feature that I would like to see. They use to have a program a few years ago, rogueremover that was a portable file that would run from usb keys and such and did a great job removing the few spywares it was programmed to remove. but they discontinued that in favor of MBAM which is a much better app. As far as your comment on as far as you know, I am not trying to be rude, but you do NOT work for Malwarebytes, and you are NOT a developer of the program. Malwarebyes ARE looknig for comments and suggestions, if not, they would NOT have this forum category. So with what you said is basically like slapping me in the face and telling me to shut up and not voice my opinion on what I would like to see to help improve Malwarebyes. So as far as I am concerned you can keep these type of comments to yourself. I have seen you make the same rude, brash comments to others on this forum. This forum is to HELP Malwarebytes, and not to make people feel like their comments and suggestion are worthless. You have no idea how Malwarebyes are prioritizing fixes and improvements to the program, so to allude to that fact is wrong.
  5. I know this has probably been asked many time, I tried to search, but the site yelled at me trying to search for "usb" I work for a company that see's many spywares, and some of the newer threats prevent, the installation of malwarebytes. Is there a way, or will there in the future be a way to install and run malwarebytes from an external source, such as a USB drive. This would come a long way to assist in removing some of these really nasty threats. I know there are registry keys added, is there a way to have on your external drive, the registry key info that you can import in order to get it to work. I am pressing my company to buy a corporate license for MBam, but I doubt that is going to happen.
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