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  1. backup is done, though i'm unable for some reason to do an xcopy from the primary drive to another usb drive... something regarding a memory error...
  2. ran fsecure against it, found the following: 3 viruses (downloader.win32.small, js-agent.cln, win32.fraudload.vbcm) 18 spyware (adware.win32.onestep.a - f) 4 riskware (fraudtool.win32.antispywaresoldier.d, fraudtool.win32.antivirusxp2008.i) tried quarantine and clean options, and rerunning scan now. rerunning scan found the same virus files (they were renamed, not removed). Deleted them. Running backup now, hopefully will be done in about an hour.
  3. machine is xp home, boot disk is xp pro, my luck today is getting better and better I'm going to back up the data and then do a registry recovery. If it doesn't work out, then I'll hit it with a reinstall.
  4. Regular mode could not be used, as the machine was rejecting its use. Assuming that the machine was a default configuration, system restore would be turned on by default. I doubt the user would have turned it off. I have the ability to yank the drive and connect it to another machine. I also have an xp setup disk. Last known good is not working. All safe mode options are not working. Please advise.
  5. tried stopping the last listed service (agpcpq) from boot services, restart, no luck. Stops at AMD svc. I'm running out of ideas. Anyone have anything?
  6. chkdsk found errors and resolved them, but didn't fix. boot record maybe? any other ways around?
  7. no errors. Safe mode stops at agpcpq.sys... reboots from there. currently running a chkdsk /r on the system from the recovery console
  8. Yesterday, one of my clients needed assistance with removal of the malware "Antivirus xp 2008". I directed her to download and run your product in safe mode. She ran the app, and followed the procedure to remove the results. After attempting to reboot, she is now in a loop. All forms of safe mode will not start the machine. The farthest it will get is the splash screen. I am going to see if a system restore can be done. Is there any additional information you can provide? Thanks in advance.
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