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  1. Hey guys, Could the blocking of https - ricochet . im be wrong? As far as I can judge, this is a anonymous IM tool used to protect privacy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricochet_(software)
  2. Hey guys, I don't see why https://www.masterfire.nl/ would be blocked. It's an online webshop to order timber etc. and they seem to have a good reputation (https://www.kiyoh.com/reviews/1044656/masterfire). I'm not the owner of the website or affiliated but wanted to bring this under your attention. I didn't add the protection log because the explanation at the sticky topic doesn't show up. (it shows an imageproxy.php page). If you could explain to me how to find those, I'll make sure to add them. I found the following information I hope this is helpful.
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