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  1. Thank you very much for all your interesting info. I'm wondering why I haven't been told that by AdvancedSetup: I mean if this is true it is a thing very well known by MBAM setup! Thanks again for all your support. Rocky
  2. I tried to boot again just to make sure that everything was ok and in fact my KIS did not find that file anymore. Rocky
  3. Thanks for your quick reply but I can't find that file anymore; it seems that it was a sort of "run once" file after the update. That's why I thought it was something related to MBAM update to version 1.39. I checked the applications launched at the boot and at a first sight there is nothing worring; one thing is sure the file doesn't exist anymore. Thanks again for your support Rocky
  4. Hi all after updating MBAM to 1.39 and rebooted, my KIS 2010 found launched during the boot a "Run Once Wrapper" which was assigned in the "green/no-problem area" and a file called "IS-KEM2G.EXE" assigned in the low-restriction area. I tried to find something about this file in google but w/o success. Is there anyone who can explain what sort of file is this? Thanks in advance for any suggestion. Rocky
  5. Gosh, you were right: I can't believe it but it was simply due to the fact that I was off line! Sorry for your time spent to help me Ron. At least I'm now able to update my MBAM whenever i want! Thanks again for your help.
  6. Thank you Ron for your reply I was wondering if the previous attempt to install Explorer 8 (which I have refused, keeping IE 7; I use Firefox) has something to do with it: in fact only after that and after Kaspersky update, I tried to update MBAM as well (also Superantispyware update did not work). Thanks for your suggestions. Rocky
  7. Exactly the same thing happened this morning to me: win xp sp3, real time protection Kaspersky Internet Security. Two days ago I could easily update, as usual. Today I couldn't with the same advice error code 732 (0,0). Of course I'm 100% with no malware (in the last two days I have been off line). Is there any other possible reason which leads to suddenly face with this type of error (updating of KIS or anything else?) from time to time? Thanks for any suggestion. Rocky
  8. Hi Bruce and thanks for your quick reply. I'm not sure to understand: you mean it was in fact a FP and you have already fix it in your update, or what else? Should I do anything to overcome the problem, (or just update MBAM)? rOCKY
  9. Hi all would you pls. check and confirm if it is a false positive found during euristic scan? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply. Rocky mbam_log_2009_06_17__07_56_32_.txt mbam_log_2009_06_17__07_56_32_.txt
  10. here you are Mieke Looking forward to hearing your news Rocky RemoveGrain.zip RemoveGrain.zip
  11. Hi Miekie, pls. find attached the requested log after a full scan. Thanks again for your support Rocky mbam_log_2009_06_12__17_22_48_.txt mbam_log_2009_06_12__17_22_48_.txt
  12. Thanks for your quick answer the problem is that I've done an on-demand scan with right click of the mouse of the folder c:\programs\AutoGK and I wouldn't know how to choose that folder with start /run, which let me open only the start screen of MBAM w/o any possibility to choose that specific folder. Rocky
  13. Hi all, can you pls. confirm if this file in subfolder Filters of the program AutoGK (c:\programs\AutoGK\Filters) detected as worm autorun is a false positive? Thank you. Log attached PS: virustotal.com did not detect any malware; same thing for superantispyware. Rocky mbam_log_2009_06_12__14_52_28_.txt mbam_log_2009_06_12__14_52_28_.txt
  14. Thank you for your quick answer, it is so much appreciated. I'll wait for a next update. Definitely congratulations for your great follow-up/assistance. Best regards Rocky
  15. After a quick scan MBAM detected, during euristic scan, what I think is a FP (the file has been found in windows folder and it has been there for several years). The file should belong to my mainboard Chaintech (PCI audio device driver). An on-line scan with Virus total doesn' detect anything at all. Nothing detected with AD Aware and Kaspersky. Can you please confirm if it is a false positive? Thanks in advance for a prompt reply. Pls. find in attachment the log. Regards. mbam_log_2009_06_06__09_28_09_.txt mbam_log_2009_06_06__09_28_09_.txt
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