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  1. Hi, Exile360, Thanks very much for the info. I have already canceled the auto-renewal , so thanks to your info I'm all set to go! Mary
  2. I am currently using a single license for MBAM Prem. It is expiring in 5 days. I want to purchase a 3 user license, and I'd like to know what steps to follow to change the current license to a new one. Do I need to uninstall the program or just deactivate the current license and replace it with the new one through my account? Thanks for any help, Mary
  3. Thanks, Exile360, you've been a great help. As a result of this, I feel very comfortable coming here to ask for help or info.
  4. Thanks so much, Exile and dcollins! I really appreciate the help offered here. I'll keep an eye on my email and follow whatever information given.
  5. Thank you so much! I just checked email, and there is no response. I do understand that it depends on staffing. It's really not a vital issue - I just wasn't sure of the customary response time. ticket 2290876
  6. Exile 360, I immediately followed your recommendation and submitted a letter to Support. I did receive an automated reply that my request had been received. As of now, (48 hours later) I haven't received any followup. Can you tell me the normal response times for a Support request? Thanks
  7. Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate the welcome and the help. I'll address the issue on the page you suggested.
  8. I hope this is the correct area for my question. If not, please accept my apology in advance. Is there a way to convert my license from a single user to Home for 3 devices? I realize there would be a price change, but we anticipate purchasing a laptop in the very near future and want to cover both computers. I just renewed the license in February. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  9. I am receiving the same two items as starr3882. I also had a clean scan several hours ago. Is there any additional info on these notifications?
  10. Just want to report that I just got an update from malwarebytes.org, and it appears to be back to normal. Thanks!
  11. I, too, am experiencing this difficulty in updating. The update goes to about 167kb and stops. I have closed out the update box, and I receive the error regarding missing database. Is there any info on when this will be corrected? Is this a server overload problem or something I should be concerned about on my computer? Just to add, I also experience the problem that giovanni reported with securitywonks mirror.
  12. Same results here including the VirusTotal scan.
  13. I have the most recent updates, and I am still receiving the same log file as shown above. Are these false positives or should they be quarantined? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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