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  1. Here is an exact untouched file that won't open until I turn off the exploit program. Thanks Patch Panel.zip
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate 64b 4 core AMD mbae-setup- MS Office Pro Plus Ver 14 It will not even let me open a new instance of Excel. I also forgot to send the other window that pops up that say's "There was a problem sending the command to the program" I have tried to stop the program and the icon is missing in the taskbar and if I try to uninstall it won't let me. So until I can get a file open to clean out personal info I won't attach an exel file. Thanks
  3. Ok won't let me uplaod a screen shot or word doc so I will type out the error log. 2013-11-23 10:11:14 - Alert Messagebox from (5336) Microsoft Office Excel 2013-11-23 10:11:14 - An exploit cade has been bloced in Microsoft Office Excel How do I figure out what the exploit is and how to fix it?
  4. I am having a problem opening Excel only Word is good your program only stops Excel, Hear is a screen shot including log.
  5. Bob try this program Hitman Pro. Do a google search for it. Hope this helps your situation. It does repair the atapi but at first it will seem like it doesn't but let it do it's work. You will have to reboot more than once.
  6. Maybe notify you that a problem exists so you can take appropriate actions to cure the problem. It (MB) does not have to fix just notify and you make the decision on if and how to fix.
  7. You know everyone here states this is a false positive in your case it might have been but in my case and several others also this was not picked up and was a actual issue as it was part of any search engine when you did a search and clicked on it it took you to a different site than you were wanting. so in short this should have never been removed from the search in malwarebytes and most other scanners and anti virus programs. You have a very trusted program and it has helped me a lot but I am disappointed in this particular situation as I had to use another program to clean the issue called
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