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  1. A day or two ago AVAST! AntiVirus warned me I was attempting to access a dangerous website. (I don't remember what website it was.) I took the warning and didn't access the website. Later I did a sweep with AVAST! It reported three malware infections. All 3 were of High severity and of the same type (Win32:Malware-gen). Two of the infections were within two different copies I had of the GMER executable, one on my main disk ©, and the other on my backup disk (E). These two executables were not actually named gmer.exe because, in order to avoid being impregnated with malware by the forces of evil before these files were even downloaded, those parties who make these files available for download give them random names. The third infection was in: E:\System Volume Information\_restore {D18642E0-9885-4956-BEC4-09E7EF0136D4}\RP453\A0106921.EXE. As this is a hidden directory, I was unaware of its existence on my backup disk. (I had originally obtained this disk drive from a friend.) AVAST! successfully quarantined the two infected copies of the GMER executable, but said it could no longer find the third infected file. I ran AVAST! again twice, Malwarebytes' Antimalware twice, and SUPERAntiMalware once, in all cases doing complete scans. No malware was found in any of these scans. Now PC Tools Firewall Plus has just reported: "Office Data Provider for WBEM Office Data Provider for WBEM is attempting to monitor and/or intercept NetgearCUv2 MFC Application events. This hook monitors keystroke messages. The hook procedure is associated with all existing threads running in the same desktop as the calling thread. Only allow this if you know the application is Safe." (Netgear is my wireless network adapter.) I of course didn
  2. How do you create a Windows user account with system-level priveleges (above administrator-level), and why would you want to? I'm running Windows XP Pro.
  3. I booted up and got a message from Windows saying that it had done an automatic update that involved a reboot. But there was no mention of this when I last turned off the computer. It's not possible Microsoft turned on my computer to perform an update, is it? If not, then what happened here?
  4. Apparently it doesn't handle chord notation. Thanks anyway. Update: Softi Software's FreeOCR: ABBYY FineReader 10 Pro: They don't even try to process hand printed stuff. Simple Software's SimpleOCR: I.R.I.S. ReadIris Pro 11.0: Too bad they tried - they accomplished nothing but wasting my time. I came up with a rather funny euphemism for their performance but unfortunately it's inappropriate for a public venue.
  5. Sorry, looks like we posted at the same time (but it looks like 11 hours apart because we're on opposite sides of the world).
  6. Yeah, the page ( http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html#Browsers ) says:
  7. Attention, MAM: There was no error message. When I clicked on the Update tab, the Check for Updates button was disabled. The database information was as follows: Date: 3/9/2010 Database version: 3845 Fingerprints loaded: 202084 But now I have dicovered that the Check for Updates button is disabled only when I am logged onto a Limited level Windows user account. When I logged onto an Administrator level Windows user account, the Check for Updates button was enabled, and I was able to update my database as follows: Date: 3/28/2010 Database version: 3923 Fingerprints loaded: 209903 Sorry, and thanks anyway.
  8. Can anybody recommend an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program that can do what I need it to do? Here's the situation: Over a period of time, I figured out the chords to about 280 songs. Yeah, I know you can get the chord progressions to songs online, but they tend to be very inaccurate. I worked on each song until I was positive it was exactly right. (It made sense to do it since I was getting paid.) And I wrote down each song, by hand, one song per sheet of paper. Now I want a permanent, neat record of all of these chord progressions, so I can print them out as requested. So I scanned the song sheets I had written, with the idea of then translating them to text via an OCR program, and then formatting them in Word. The problem is the OCR programs I tried. First I tried FreeOCR. It can
  9. I have the free edition of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Can anyone tell me why I am no longer able to update its definitions?
  10. A while back someone suggested having, as part of your antimalware arsenal, some app that could be installed on a flash drive which could supposedly detect any spyware / malware on whatever computer the flash drive was plugged into. (I think the app was DOS-based, and it could work even if the system was severely compromised, although I'm not sure about those two points.) Could anybody tell me about this app? And would it detect a key logger?
  11. Recently my browser started to repeatedly lose the ability to support multiple tabs. In Internet Explorer 8, I click on the drop-down menu arrow on the right side of the Command Bar's Home button, select Add or Change Home Page from that drop-down menu, and then select "Use the current tab set as your home page" in the Add or Change Home Page dialog box. Then I launch another instance of the browser and close the original one. Then I've got multiple tabs. Sometimes they'll still be there the next time I boot up, but after a couple times, they're gone again. I have an installation of Windows that
  12. I have some questions about antispyware apps: 1. I know you're not supposed to run 2 antivirus apps at once, but that you CAN run 2 scanner-only antispyware apps at once. But should you not run 2 real-time-protection antispyware apps at once? 2. Other than the fact that spyware "spies", just what is the difference between a virus and a spyware app? In other words, why can you run one antivirus app at the same time as a real-time-protection antispyware app? 3. Do all antispyware that offer real-time protection constantly run in the background to prevent the installation of malware, whenever an attempt is made to open a file or launch an application? Do they all also offer manual and/or scheduled system scans? 4. Does Comodo AntiVirus + Firewall include antispyware functionality? 5. Does Spyware Terminator include antivirus functionality?
  13. It's not that I'm really afraid of this happening (at least I don't think I need to be this paranoid yet), but I was just wondering: With a cable modem, you're always connected to the internet, so if you're logged into Windows, then don't you not even have to open your browser to in effect be visiting your homepage, and thereby be risking malware infection?
  14. I've repeatedly tried to change my logon screen saver timeout time via Start | Run regedt32 | HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\ScreenSaveTimeOut but although it faithfully stores the number of seconds I want, it keeps actually timing out after 10 minutes no matter what. It wouldn't matter otherwise, but having more than one user accounts necessitates reentering the password for the desired account as if you weren't even already logged in. So how do I make this really work?
  15. Can anybody tell me where to find comparative software reviews that would indicate the most secure OS, antivirus, antispyware / antimalware, firewall, clean-up utility, browser, malicious website warning, etc.?
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