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  1. The date and time are correct. I added those exclusions to Avast. Everything else I'm using can hit the internet except for Malwarebytes.
  2. Could not download updates. Tried MBAM clean to uninstall and then reinstalled. Now cannot activate premium version either. It says I don't have connectivity to the internet, which I do. I have been getting those urgent Chrome update messages of late, not sure if this is related. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  3. Are there any special settings in Malwarebytes for Avast? Not sure if these two are slowing each other down. Avast's load is usually less than Mbytes but in the most recent reboot it took is 42 seconds.
  4. I have tried this and startup is still very slow. According to Glary MBAMSErvice has a 39 second load time. I've tried delaying startup for various amounts of time and currently have it at 150 seconds.
  5. ok, I saw that and was wondering about that setting. I'll give it a try. Does delaying the startup put me at any greater risk? thanks.
  6. Using a Windows Vista machine that is 5-6 years old, has 8G RAM. It takes this machine 4 minutes to startup up, and according to the Glary utility MBAMService is by far the largest culprit, taking between 90 and 120 seconds. When I uncheck the 2nd and 3rd options in the Advanced Settings ("Enable Malware Protection when Malwarebytes anti-malware starts" and "Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts") and restart the startup drops down to about half of that time. For some reason turning off the first option "Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware when Windows starts
  7. I agree with the previous posters. Something is messed up with the updating and it's now balky on all my machines. I'm constantly getting the db out of date. It should be doing the updates automatically as it always has in the past, but it's no longer doing it consistently on my machines. When I go into MBAM and click the Fix button it often doesn't do anything. it's like the button is dead and the "update now" is grayed out. This happened just a bit ago and I went elsewhere in the software, came back, and voila the db was updated. So it's working here and there, but it's balky. When you
  8. By the way first email response 8:09, last one 8:41, none since.
  9. I finally had to system restore back to 5 days ago. Folks, this better never happen again or I'm moving to a different vendor. Already have to uninstall and reinstall my virus program and several other things as a result of this mess. My entire evening has been wasted.
  10. I've received 10 responses here in the time I've received one email.
  11. Support here is about 10x faster than waiting on emails all night. I have work to do. You guys really should be calling people to get this fixed instead of snail mailing.
  12. Says I need permission to perform this action. Now what? BTW, there is a comctl32 already in that folder that it would be overwriting. Your file is 637K, the one in there is 619K from 11/20/2010.
  13. I can't run the validation because I don't have internet access. Malwarebytes managed to screw that up too.
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