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  1. " Open your account invitation email, and click SET UP ACCOUNT." I did not receive the email. Jerry
  2. Re prior post. I could not get anything to work so rather than get more frustrated I purchased a 2 year license.. Jerry
  3. In May 2010 I purchased two Lifetime licenses from Cleverbridge. My ref numbers are 11533956 and 8894431. I have a different computer, and my Keys won't work. Can you help? Thanks, JerryMiles JerryM
  4. I agree, and am much surprised that the programmers have been unable to fix this problem. That is why I have given up on this problem being fixed. The problem is not with a couple of users, but a number have complained. I have decided you are unable to fix it. So far Kaspersky has prevented any infections, and maybe MBAM has helped. Jerry
  5. I am giving up on this. I have done all that has been recommended and it works for awhile, and then goes back to the Real Time Protection layers turned off ( web protection). I am going to ignore it for some time and then see if it is fixed. I just have no desire to keep going through the process. I am confident it will be fixed in time, and I will go through the process. FWIW I am finding the problem on my desktop with W 10. I do not use my laptop much, but the problem has not occurred on the laptop using W 7 Jerry
  6. Hi noknojon This morning I went to my friend's house and took a CD with MBAM on it. We installed it and ran a quick scan without updating, and removed the antivir rogue. I advised him to update and run a complete scan. We also ran a-squared after removal by MBAM and it found the computer clean. Thanks for the help, and a great anti-malware application. Regards, Jerry
  7. Thanks, and I always update before scanning, and do a complete scan ever few weeks. I do a quick scan every week with all my anti malware/AV applications. So tomorrow we go to MBAM to rid his computer of antivir rogue. Regards, Jerry
  8. Since my friend just got infected with the rogue antivir and Norton did not detect either when he got infected or on a later scan, I decided I am going to run MBAM or SAS Pro along with my AV/suite. If my favorite AV won't run with them I will switch to another which will do so. Years ago I had a similar experience with Bit Defender, and they wanted me to remove all other security software. I ditched BD forever. Regards, Jerry
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