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  1. I've had this file in apache tomcat folder for many years...tomcat5w.exe I do not know what it actually does or is supposed to do. Likely false + but wanna be sure first. Attached find mbam detection file for this scheduled full scan. Uploaded file to virustotal and not a single detection there! mbam-april 30 finding-tomcat.exe detected-sandbox.txt
  2. OK..thanks...will read the article on how to update to SP 2 I did find my update history just now. There was a long series failed updates back in April 2017. I probably wasnt able to fix that. And was going around in circles back then. So I disabled WU altogether Thanks again eliuri
  3. At "Installed Updates" in CP, I do see only updates to Microsoft Office and an update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8. Sorry, I cannot recall exactly when I disabled WU or exactly what the issue was. Possibly Windows Updates were not installing or not installing properly. Windows 7 worked way better after I disabled WU I would much prefer going with standalone updates--if possible. And as long as possible. Then getting a new PC when this is no longer feasible. I guess I can try those 2 standalones--as the MS article suggests- and hope it works.
  4. I believe I had turned off Windows Updates well before that 2019 KB4490628 update. And I don't see it in my Control Panel list of updates. Where would be best place to ask about proper sequence of downloading and installing those two? I have had relatively few issues so far running Windows 7 SP 1--with Windows Updates disabled. And those updates were creating issues. Forget exactly what was going wrong with them, because it was so long ago. But if it's one or two standalone Windows Updates, I'd do it...Would u happen to know if those can be uninstalled if something goes wrong with the updates? This Dell Inspiron does not have the capacity for Windows 10 I'm afraid. Which is why I havent upgraded to the current OS Thanks eliuri Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
  5. Thank you, Porthos So it does update malware/exploit detection files, but just not MB product updates? Do I have that right?
  6. Running Windows 7 SP1 I get above notice stating last night, which in turn prompts me to update Windows 7 with following update: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004670861?affiliate=&uuid=74b90ce000b8ff274e737ea02fcc22f60b97ab4d&lang=en_US&staging=false&x-prodcode=MBAM-C&x-source=&version= I have chosen to not update Windows 7 for quite a while because WU was creating much system instability. Question: I see in fact that Malwarebytes package update version does continue to update. It is now at Update Package Version: 1.0.39503. Updated at 4/17/21 2:03 PM. Am I correct that even when this Windows Update continues to be missing, MB does continue to update its malware detection updates but just not its product updates? So is it fair to say that MB is still relatively functional in terms of detecting new exploits and malware? Even without that missing Windows Update.. The above link states: Just seeking clarification as to what "compliant" actually means in this context Thanks eliuri Windows 7 SP 1 Malwarebytes Update Package Version: 1.0.39503 Component Package Version: 1.0.1251
  7. Thank you Nikhils and Exile. I have allowed the beta and installed component package 1191 as suggested. I will keep you posted if BSOD re-occurs I also added my Avira AV folder to the Malwarebytes Allow list as suggested elsewhere on this forum for 3rd party AV's. Unfortunately Avira doesnt have a corresponding setting for me to allow Malwarebytes..Recent Avira upgrades have eliminated much user control I have not seen Avira listed on your listing of possibly conflicting malware software. But it is generally a buggy program. Have Malwarebytes--Avira conflicts been reported recently which might lead to instabilities? Thanks again
  8. Thanks again. Do you expect this beta version to be sent out as a regular update anytime soon? I'm a bit hesitant with betas, especially since I'm on an outdated Win 7 OS
  9. Thank you, Exile Question: If it does not fix the BSOD issue, can I then go back to the non-beta verion I'm using now?
  10. Windows 7 Netio.sys BSOD's as well.. Thu Feb 25 and today Friday Feb 26 I had similar BSOD's Feb 11 and Feb 12 but -as per settings then the system rebooted itself before I had chance to view error message. This time I do have the error messages: Netio.sys Malwarebytes Premium: Component Package Version: 1.0.1173 I would like to try to disable MB web protection to see if this stops BSOD's Would the Firefox add-on in lieu of the software web protection do the job more or less. And would this be good way to test if MB is in fact causing these BSOD's? Kindly let me know if you are looking into this issue and when a fix in terms of an update might be forthcoming? Thanks: Eliuri Windows 7 Malwarebytes Premium: Component Package Version: 1.0.1173
  11. Attached: Zipped Logfile for above detections: quarantined-Jan 30 logfile.zip
  12. Are these two items false positives? Found in full scan. Nothing new downloaded. File: 1 Malware.Sandbox.13, C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\COMMON FILES\CREATIVE LABS SHARED\SERVICE\XMBLICENSING.EXE, Quarantined, 13, 0, 1.0.36441, 13, and Registry Key: 1 Malware.Sandbox.13, HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\Sound Blaster X-Fi MB Licensing Service, Quarantined, 13, 0, , , , , , Destection logfile attached Thank you Eliuri Windows 7 Malwarebytes Premium 4.3.0 quarantined-Jan 30 logfile.txt
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