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  1. Sorry to be a dick but does no one read anymore? I couldn't access the whitelist because of this: There was no other way to access it and I tried reinstalling the software to no avail and just got fed up trying to figure out a way around it and uninstalled for good.
  2. Reading comprehension ftw. Doesn't matter though I no longer use this program.
  3. So you just assume because it has the word "torrent" in the name that it hosts malware? Or is it because it's part of an ip block that has been known to host malware? I was unable to determine the exact reason after reading ip blocking section you linked.
  4. This site is completely blocked for many of it's members when using Anti-Malware's IP Protection. The site wouldn't even load for me so I suppose the answer to "What were you doing on the site when it happened" would be "nothing", because it simply never loaded and then errored out. I wasn't able to find any mention of the blocking in the logfiles either. The homepage has a couple banner ad's but nothing out of the ordinary that wouldn't otherwise be blocked by my ad blocker. What's worse is my tray icon for Anti-Malware seems to be permanently bugged out in Windows 7. It doesn't display any popup "bubbles" indicating that a site has been blocked, nor am I able to bring up the menu to access the IP Protection ignore list. Double clicking or right clicking it does absolutely nothing, while other programs' tray icons work just fine for me. Therefore my only workaround for this problem at the moment is to disable real-time protection completely (not something I'm willing to do much longer).
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