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  1. I live in Central Oklahoma and we typically have very mild winters. However, this year we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve, 8 inches of snow complete with 1-2 inches of ice underneath two weeks ago, and it is currently snowing!!! I am officially sick of winter.
  2. I actually ate at a place like this when I was a kid. Even being that young, it was hard to get past the names of those things.
  3. I also have used Dreamweaver. It is the best one that I have run across.
  4. I use Cyberdefender anti-virus. I got the free anti-virus scanner first off there website (www.cyberdefender.com) which found a lot of stuff on my system and got rid of the spyware and Trojans. I also had viruses, so I bought the upgrade which got rid of everything on my system. I also found that the paid one came with 24/7 computer help, which I used twice and they were very helpful. So, for me, Cyberdefender works great.
  5. What's your favorite commercial from last night? I personally liked the VW one with Tracy Morgan.
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