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  1. I'd not heard of these browsers before. So took a punt and installed SRWare Iron … first opinion was that it was okay. Short lived though, as that is now un-responding exactly like Chrome!
  2. Hello frayedknotarts … that is indeed the message I get and I assume the other respondents of this thread. There appears to be no reasoning behind when it will freeze [none that I have found] … it may be 20 minutes after stating chrome or 8 hours later. I've had it when there are as many as 20 tabs open, or when there is 3. It has happened when I'm checking Gmail or when browsing the BBC website or planning a route on maps. The result is the same, chrome freezes. Downloads fail as a network error, tab switching is impossible. Sometimes if left for a while, chrome returns as if nothing had happened … this may take 10 minutes or even a couple of hours. Other times it doesn't unfreeze at all forcing the operator to resort to a restart. Upon restart it states that the browser wasn't closed properly and offers the option to 'restore' tabs. When doing so I get the added tab that displays what you posted. All very strange and I'm finding that I'm using MS Edge more and more. Did try Firefox but then was reminded why I took it off in the first place! Hope the Malwarebytes team can find a definitive solution to the issue.
  3. Thought the freezing had gone away. Have had no issues since yesterday until 30 minutes ago. Anyway I have run the mb-support tool and here are the results: mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Just in case others have not seen this, the Chrome freeze may be down to Windows 10. Just read this: Microsoft is working to fix some device freezing and crashing issues with Google’s Chrome browser with the new Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The software maker was forced to delay rolling out its Windows 10 April 2018 Update due to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues last month, and now it’s facing these fresh issues with Chrome and the “Hey Cortana” feature. A number of Chrome users have reported issues after installing the latest update, and Microsoft says it’s aware that devices can totally hang and lock up when using the latest Windows 10 update and Chrome. The company is trying to get it fixed in time for next week’s Patch Tuesday on May 8th, but affected users can try the following workarounds: 1. Try a Windows key sequence to wake the screen. If you have a keyboard connected, simultaneously press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Shift + B. If you’re on a tablet, simultaneously press both the volume-up and volume-down buttons, three times within two seconds. If Windows is responsive, a short beep will sound and the screen will blink or dim while Windows attempts to refresh the screen. 2. If you’re using a laptop, close and open the laptop lid. It’s surprising to see such issues with a popular third-party browser that should have been picked up in Microsoft’s testing of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Microsoft has 10 million people signed up to help the company test new Windows 10 updates, although it’s not clear how many actively do so. Either way, the BSOD blocking bug and Chrome freezes should ring alarm bells in Redmond over the software quality of the latest Windows 10 update. Microsoft is planning to more broadly push the update via Windows Update on May 8th, and we’ve reached out to the company to see if this is still going ahead.
  5. All interesting stuff. Would you care to mention what sites they may be so I can investigate further.
  6. Interesting thread for sure as I am also getting this. However, as I've just rebooted the PC I suspect my logs would be rather light of potential clues. So I shall wait until Chrome gives out the 'freezing' treatment next and then run the MB exe.
  7. Okay, I've finally managed to get the PC restarted. Could not evoke Safe Mode at all .... but it's started. Firstly my Asus motherboard indicated there was a hardware failure [4 beeps] so I've removed all the sata data cables from the hdd's [except the boot SSD] and the pc springs to life! Malwarebytes appears working again. Now have to figure out which hdd/cable combination is the source of the problem. Thank you Porthos for your continued assistance.
  8. Thanks for your help .... not quite sure where to go from here. Think I'll start up in safe more and see if anything is amiss.
  9. Okay, followed the instructions .... it offered the new version .... updated it, rebooted, then went to add the exclusions to Avast. All added and PC rebooted ... and now the PC will not boot to windows, its stuck on the windows circular dots revolving page ???
  10. Thanks for the quick response. Zip attached as requested: mb-check-results.zip
  11. Problem has resurrected itself with Real Time Protection refusing to turn on again. This is after 2 weeks of working. Following the advice above made no difference and couldn't check the advised folder as it doesn't exist on my PC. My current Version is
  12. Just a quick update ... MB is now showing Exploit Protection as On and all working .... odd that? Not wholly convinced that it will stay like this ... but will keep an open eye.
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