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  1. BTW, thanks again for unblocking our range
  2. SpySentinel, it makes no sense to continue arguing about this issue. I think you guys should take the feedback positively since your accusations can do more bad than good. A user posted a message about an issue with an IP address operated by Speedyrails and you didn't investigate before posting a serious accusation, this only caused confusion and definitely didn't help. I would love to put this issue to rest. You guys already have my email address (maykelrr at "the speedyrails domain") and you are always welcome to email me (and abuse@, support@ too) about any detected issue involving our IP r
  3. I understand you didn't accuse Speedyrails, but the post was done before even checking the ARIN information and therefore it wasn't clear for our customers whether Speedyrails was or not involved in this issue. It happens all the time that an ISP or larger collocation/hosting company reassigns a group of IPs to other entity, this is done filing a ARIN-REASSIGN-DETAILED-4.2 template. In this case, we should not be responsible for issues that are not in our network or group of IP addresses. We will post an update in this thread within 72 hours regarding this issue. We have already contacted our
  4. Hello MysteryFCM, We have not received any email from Malwarebytes in the past. We store a copy of every email received in a gmail account and there is absolutely no email from Malwarebytes. It's easy to note that there were no proof, no good faith and no investigation in the comment from SpySentinel, since the network is not operated by Netelligent as stated by SpySentinel, it's operated by Speedyrails as you can see in the ARIN registry: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/whois/?ip=...=whois.arin.net Please note that accusing a company of been "host to malicious sites" is pretty se
  5. Hello, I'm Maykel Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Speedyrails.com. We manage the C Class which we acquired from Netelligent Hosting Services Inc.: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/whois/?ip= Netelligent Hosting Services Inc. NETEL-ARIN-BLK02 (NET-67-212-64-0-1) - Speedyrails SPEEDYRAILS-CA-1 (NET-67-212-94-0-1) - We have zero tolerance for Malicious Sites, Malicious Attacks, including but not limited to introducing malicious programs (such as viruses
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