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  1. Hi, I connected my tablet via USB to my computer. The only choices I have are to set as "Media Device (MTP) and Camera (PTP)". I chose MTP. I don't have an SD card so I saved it to internal storage download folder. I verified the transfer by looking at the file via my computer. After disconnecting, I went to the download folder and it was empty. Settings > Storage> Downloads shows the 7MB file being in the folder but I can't see it. Thank You Edit: I figured out a way to install the APK file. I emailed the APK file to myself from my computer. I downloaded the APK file to my tablet. When the file download was complete, I was asked if I wanted to install it and I said yes. Installation complete and working like a charm. I first tried to open the APK file from the download folder but it showed "can't open file". I deleted the APK file from the download folder, downloaded it again and said yes when asked if I wanted to install. Unknown sources was enabled before download. Unknown sources now disabled as it should be. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi,I uninstalled v1.04.3.500 from my tablet and I can't install v1.05.9000 at Google Play Store as it shows "Your device isn't compatible with this version". Now I have no MBAM Mobile on Tablet. Nice try though. Hi,Would you explain your method of installing an apk file from my laptop to my tablet. Thank you
  3. Hi, I've been running MBAM Mobile on my phone and tablet since it was released. I updated my phone no problem. When I tried to update the tablet, Google Play Store shows "Your device isn't compatible with this version". I'm using a Venue 8 with Android version 4.4.2. From v1.04.3.5000 to v1.05.9000. Please advise... Thank you
  4. My phone had update from 6/25/14. I uninstalled app then reinstalled it now it has database from 6/2/14. Force update shows checking for updates, then starting database update, then nothing happens. My tablet has database 6/17/14 with the same issue. The only app I installed is CCleaner and strangely there was an update v1.01 on 6/26/14. Here's the change log for the update. I'm a big fan of CCleaner and I'm only including this info to help troubleshoot the issue. Change log: Added Google Play Search History cleaningAdded APK File cleaningAdded Settings to define items for analysisAdded Bluetooth Folder cleaningImproved Cache analysis and cleaningAdded Portuguese (BR), Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Vietnamese, Slovak and Croatian translationsMinor GUI improvementsMinor Bug fixesv1.02 on 7/9/14 Change log: - Added Thumbnail Cache cleaning.- Added Google Play Store search history detailed view.- Improved Analysis and Cleaning process.- Improved Download folder and Bluetooth folder navigation.- Added Russian, Turkish, Korean and Thai translations.- Minor GUI improvements.- Minor bug fixes.
  5. My quick scan times are about cut in half on Vista and XP, thank you very much. When I ran update, the database version was updated then version 1.50 was downloaded and installed. After the program update I restarted MBAM and ran update again, the database version was again updated to a later version. It would be nice if MBAM restarted after the program update is complete as I've seen in the past. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
  6. I appreciate your replies. I will download the fix in your link exile360. She had a DNS changer that needed a delete on reboot. Thank you
  7. My niece recently updated to the free version 1.41. When she boots up her laptop, she gets the UAC popup stating that Malwarebytes has been blocked. This happens every time she boots up her laptop. I know there's a run once entry when a new version is installed. Hers is showing as a current\version\run. Can I just delete the startup entry using Autoruns or should I reinstall? Thanks Edit by Jamin4u for clarity.
  8. I agree with catscomputer that the MBAM team is the best when it comes to response time on false positives. The noticeable improvement with the absence of operating system FP's is the reason I started this topic. I've seen the improvement over the last few version releases. Customer service is the backbone of any business.
  9. Just wanted to point out that I haven't had a false positive in a long.............time. Nice Work!
  10. This update fixed the loading speed and GUI loading problems I was having on my XP System. Thanks!
  11. If all new database versions are tested to ensure that their additions to the database actually do what they expected. Then why do we see false positives like these? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WS2IFSL (Fake.Driver) C:\WINDOWS\system32\vcredist_x86.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\wextract.exe (Backdoor.Bot) C:\Windows\System32\msconfig.exe (Trojan.Agent) I'm trying to understand the process so I can better explain operating system false positives to the people that I recommend MBAM to. Would some XP or Vista systems have a false positive, and others wouldn't?
  12. Wouldn't testing each new database on various operating systems eliminate false positives on the operating system itself. I understand that you can't have every piece of software out there loaded on each test computer. I'm more interested in the operating system false hits, and wouldn't mind less updates to accommodate more testing.
  13. I knew what it meant because I had to look it up. I like it and may utilize it when I feel cantankerous.
  14. Are you allowed to say words like that on this forum? Just stopped in the special forum, I like the perk of checking out the betas. Thanks for the welcome!
  15. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for not getting
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