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  1. I am using the technicians version. Thanks for the flash scan, it works great. When I do a quick scan or flash scan it finishes the scan but when I click show results to remove the infection the program closes. Any suggestions?
  2. Heavily improved command line interface allowing customers to scan and remove automatically and silently. What are these new commands? Thank you!
  3. First off, I bought your technicians version of MBAM and it's great. I always run MBAM first, then Combofix next. MBAM removes all the malware it finds, then reboots. If I run it again, it says the computer is clean. Next I run combofix next, and before it even gets started scanning good, it says it needs to reboot because of rootkit activity. This happens quite often. I am hoping you can upgrade MBAM's rootkit detection to find the rootkits easily like Combofix does. I can't use Combofix on Vista or Windows 7. I believe Combofix uses GMER. Thank you for your consideration, Justin
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