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  1. Problem went away BECAUSE your in free mode
  2. False positive. Update package 1.0.3283 resolves problem
  3. try quitting from taskbar icon and restart from start or desktop icon
  4. before you go down the road @Porthos suggests try quitting MB from the task bar icon and then restart it from start menu or desktop icon
  5. Same here I really thought these guys had it together with this new version was working well now this!
  6. +1 Just found this myself in a couple of threads today.
  7. I think I recall someone from MB saying copy and paste might cause problems. I'd try entering by hand. Also pretty sure its case sensitive.
  8. Ed are you sure 64 bit FF is affected? My 64 bit FF has no problems and others have said its the 32 bit that's affected.
  9. Interesting. While Adobe Reader is affected on my win 10 PC Firefox is not it is 52.0.2 64 bit
  10. Thought I would add my 2 cents. When updating to cu4 exploit was off. Was able to turn on with toggle no problem. All protection has stayed on after reboots and web protection was working correctly. Recently viewed this thread and thought well I'll check that! It did not work. Turned off exploit turned it back on and then it worked. Have not shut down or rebooted yet ( do not like to do same for no good reason) will report back here if it fails again after reboot or shutdown.
  11. @exile360 have you seen this thread? I had this problem on a win 10 laptop with NO backup/rollback utility just standard win 10 ooops I see you posted there sorry
  12. I'd run ver 2 on the win 7 machine and yes your license will work. Get it here https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbam_2x
  13. Which is why a 3.0 lite version that might actually work would be widely accepted.
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