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  1. Bought a fairly expensive piece of software recently and the seller uses a "third party" registration provider to prevent misuse of the program. The problem is that the third party provider puts a couple of logfiles on your computer that track the program usage and what other data I do not know. I may be stuck with these logfiles in order to use the software but I would like to know what and when the third party is downloading. Does anyone know how to log contacts between my computer and the third party registration provider? I know the providers web address and could probably find the IPs they use. Is there any logging software that will watch for a certain site accessing your computer? Can this be done in MB? I know this site is probably OK but they do not seem particular smart and I do not like unmonitored access to my computer. If I lock the site out of my computer completely I may be denied use of the software I paid for because the license agreement says that the third party company may periodically "validate my license" - in this case why are they keeping logfiles on my machine?
  2. Please understand that I am not trying to fix my present problem in these posts, I can do that later, I am trying to think through this situation logically and perhaps better understand the internet so that I can avoid future problems. Expert comment will be highly valued. As I wrote in my first post, I have two systems identical except in the hardware. Software is identical so under normal circumstances you could expect identical operation of both systems. Not so. The desktop system is continually blocking IP addresses, the laptop never shows an IP being blocked. This means that; A. The IP address blocking is working correctly on the desktop and not on the laptop. b. The desktop has malware that is attracting malicious sites and the laptop does not. Answer to simple questions please; A. Is it typical to receive very frequent notice of IP blocking (average about 1 event per 30 seconds)? If so it would seem to be my desktop that is operating correctly and the laptop has a problem. B. Why would the same IP address try to contact my desktop, immediately and consistently, if it was not being "paged" from my desktop? hanks for helping my learning experience, Brian
  3. Thanks Guys, I do not want to work on the problem in "General" I just wanted an opinion on whether I had a problem and if anybody recognized it. Thank you.
  4. Resetting the LAN settings as suggested in a previous 732(12029,0) thread worked for me. It did not look like a MB specific problem because I could not download McAfee updates either. The LAN cure fixed both problems.
  5. Two of my computers picked up Trojan malware. Malwarebytes apparently cleaned both but now they are operating differently. I have the paid version of MB with real time protection. My laptop now runs without a glitch including no, none at all, IP blocking in the browser. However, whenever I connect to the internet with my browser on the desktop I get an immediate IP block on, which is somewhere in Russia, and frequent blocks on other IP addresses. This is not an accident, the address appears immediately, EVERY time, I enter the browser. One computer is a laptop, the other is a desktop, both run Windows XP Pro, both use Firefox as a browser, both are protected by McAfee and Malwarebytes. Both computers connect to the internet through a Linksys router, the desktop by wired LAN and the laptop via wireless. It does not seem possible that one computer is continually hit by IP blocking and the other has no activity at all. I would greatly appreciate opinions, Thanks.
  6. briangsocal's fix worked for me also. After a Trojan I could not update either MB or McAfee. The fix worked. Many thanks Brian
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