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  1. @irritated2011, Member peck1234 is not approved as one who should render advice in this forum. Posting removed by Moderator. Please carry on with your expert assistant "elise025...and my apologies for this intrusion. Thanks for your understanding.
  2. Ran a Full Scan with MBAM deleted about 14 trojans, but im still being site redirected.
  3. Just awesome!!!! Loving the ignore folder feature! This has been at the top of my wish list for years! Now I can finally cut out my 300GB Game and 100GB Music folder from full scans! Thank you mbam!
  4. Great to hear... Thanks for the reply.... Mike
  5. Figured id give this a bump now that 1.45 is out. I would really love to see this feature so I can skip all my games/music files directory's during full scans.
  6. Great job guys! Loving it! The new quick scan is now BLAZING FAST!!!
  7. I just noticed that the malwarebytes scan stops when I drag the window around my desktop? Has it always done this?
  8. Any devs's agree? This feature would be great.
  9. If malwarebytes could include a section in the program for a user to define folders to skip it would be greatly appreciated as well as increase the full speed scan. For instance, I have over 100Gigs of PC games in my x86 Steam Folder. Letting malwarebytes skip over this folder would greatly speed up the scan time.
  10. Think of an ip range like a bakery. Lets say this specific bakery make's a bad batch of cookies. Now, not only does the bakery have bad cookies, but every one who uses the bakery now has a bad batch of cookies. The bakery is the "source" IP adress and all the customers who bought cookes are now in the "IP Range" As for blocking malwarebytes simply open up the program click on the protection tab and then shut it off. Now you can browse uninterrupted.
  11. Anything you would like me to do to help you guys out before I completely delete the quarantined item?
  12. Very odd, I restored the file but when searching through system32 I could not find the file. I have show hidden files and folders checked as well. Malwarebytes is still finding it but I physically cant... So I guess it is malware!
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