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  1. Good Afternoon, I am curious as to what standards the folks at Malwarebytes apply to shops/stores who apply to be resellers of their product. We have applied twice and never received any response. We have inquired via email and received an initial email saying we had been declined and follow up requests for a reason why were not answered. Well over 70% of our business is malware removal and we would offer it is an option to every customer we deal with. If anyone has any insight I sure would appreciate it. Thanks! Eric
  2. I have been trying to remove malware from my computer. I have used MBAM and it scans clean now. I have rebooted and almost everytime I get online with any browser I get redirected to http://thiswebsiteisblocked.com/block.php. I have checked the proxy settings and hosts file and everything appears to be in order. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Eric
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